Rebel Mistress on entertaimnet

Sweden is still a great place for fresh Rock’n’Roll and bands like H.E.A.T., Crazy Lixx, Adrenaline Rush and now Rebel Mistress definitely kick butt. We talked to the Rebel Mistress herself, lead singer Marielle Tengström, to talk about the Swedish Metal scene, EDM, DJs, her origins and current plans …

Interview by Dennis Rowehl, Pics by courtesy of Rebel Mistress – (c) by Daniel Ahlberg Photography You’re the lead singer of Rebel Mistress. At this time you released 3 songs on amazon. is an entire album in progress?

Marielle: Actually we´re recording another EP in October! We will wait with a full-length album until we’ll get a good deal with a label. Sweden seems to be a good place for Rock’n’Roll with the touch of the 80s … so bands like Crazy Lixx, H.E.A.T are well known right here in Germany. Why do you like this music instead of EDM, Electro and stuff like this?

Marielle: That’s a good question! Yes we have a lot of rockers here in Sweden who keep the music scene alive. My dad introduced me to Black Sabbath when I was a kid. And then I started to take singing lessons and my first vocal coach sang a lot of 80’s Rock. So I guess that’s it. The one artist in Pop that I can mention and really liked from early age has to be Christina Aguilera though. I also listen to Blues and old Punk. But I’ll never understand Avicii and the EDM thing. I want a band on stage and lyrics that’s interesting. Are you musically grounded in the 80s as well or who are your musical inspirations … apart from Christina and Black Sabbath?

Marielle: I definitely am. My biggest inspirations for Rebel Mistress is Mötley Crüe, Guns N‘ Roses and AC/DC. But also Myles Kennedy (with Slash), Ozzy, Kiss, and Black Label Society. I can drop names forever! Awesome! There are some great Swedish female bands or female fronts bands such as Crucified Barbara or Adrenaline Rush. Do you know these bands personally?

Marielle: Yes, I know Tåve in Adrenaline Rush. She modeled for my Rock jewelry brand Marielle Designs ( a couple of years ago and that’s how we met! Wow, I didn’t know that. We just had an interview (laughing). Well, what are the next steps? Producing a real video?

Marielle: After we recorded out new EP this autumn we will start working on a music video for one of the songs. I’m really looking forward to that! We’ve started looking on locations, production companies and so on. I have a big bunch of actress friends since musical school so it will be fun to involve them in this. If you had an unlimited budget for making a video … how would it look like?

Marielle: Hmm … I would do an over the top video with explosions and maybe trashing a castle? (laughing) Do you have any intentions to come over to Germany soon?

Marielle: If someone wants to book us then we’ll come! Just call us. But yes we’ve talked about doing some gigs in Europe too, but our guitarist Daniel is pretty busy handeling two bands at the same time right now. We’ll see if we work something out next year! Thank you very much.

Marielle: Thank you, Dennis.

Marielle Tengström on entertaimnet