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Always looking for interesting people in the music and entertainment biz we found modeling drummer and bombshell Rhythmiss who combines real Rock’n’Roll attitudes with fashion and beauty, so we scheduled an interview to find out more about her life, her projects and career …

Interview by Dennis Rowehl, pics by courtesy of Rhythmiss – photo above by  Chris Sarenana Sr. Photography, photo below by JT PHotography

entertaim.net: Hello … you’re model and musician, especially a drummer. How many instruments you can play?

Rhythmiss: Hello. Yes, my husband taught me how to play drums many, many years ago. Also, I have formal training on piano and I am a songwriter as well, so the piano is more of a tool for me. My love are the drums!

entertaim.net: Awesome! Do you have any musical projects or releases in progress right now?

Rhythmiss: On the songwriting side, my goal is to hopefully have my songs used for TV/Movies and to have a major artist interested in recording them. I have submitted a couple for opportunities and contests but it’s a tough business. It’s a work in progress. On the drum side of the house, I will soon be covering some drum covers on Youtube and possibly do a cover song or two on piano…or my own compositions. As for live performances, I most likely will sit in with my husband’s band and play drums to a song or two. I do plan on collaborating more with other musicians down the road. Also, I plan on entering the „Hit Like A Girl“ Drumming Contest. I guess you will have to follow me to see what happens.

entertaim.net: Besides … do you have a favorite drummer and a Top-5-list of your fave and best albums ever?

Rhythmiss: My favorite drummers are simple: John Bonham of Led Zeppelin and Neil Peart of Rush, both masters of drumming. Two extremely different techniques. Both have been very instrumental to my musical growth and drumming. Also, I admire Dave Weckl, Jazz Drummer. He and a few other masterful drummers have a drum camp, Drum Fantasy Camp, that my husband and I may attend next year. Some jazz training would be cool.

entertaim.net: Do you have Top 5 fav and best albums ever?         

Rhythmiss: (laughing) I don’t like this question as it is very hard to answer but if I must. Well … Led Zeppelin’s „Collection of Hits“, „2112“ by Rush, “ Wish You Were Here“ by Pink Floyd, „Back In Black“ by AC/DC and „Thriller“ by Michael Jackson.

entertaim.net: Especially many young people celebrate DJs and not bands. What do you think about the future of Rock’n’Roll?

Rhythmiss: I don’t necessarily feel that’s all true. There are a lot of young people that prefer and appreciate live music. I think to mix both at a club or party is the perfect combination. I feel that  Rock’n’Roll will never die. In fact, there are many who say it is coming back and there are a lot of bands out there trying to do so. Yes, the Pop culture is pretty dominant with all that highly produced electronic sound but it will not stand the test of time as good old Rock’n’Roll! I’m a rocker at heart, so I’m very biased.

entertaim.net: You also had great shootings with amazing photos. Do you have current projects as a model you can talk about?

Rhythmiss: Thank you, I’m happy you like my photos (smiling). At the moment, it is our summer and a very busy time of year for me so I have not been involved in too many projects. I do have some photoshoots lined up once the Fall season kicks in. They are a combination, of pinup, fashion, swimsuit, fitness and perhaps some creative photography that I don’t usually do. Some magazine shoots as well. Again, you will need to follow to see what’s new.

entertaim.net: Do you have any intentions to come over to Germany … musically or as a model?

Rhythmiss: I would love to visit Germany someday for the Musikmesse (Music Trade Show in Franfurt which is similar to the NAMM Show here in the United States). During my travels, there is always an opportunity for a photoshoot, as my husband is one of the several photographers I work with. It is a big plus.

entertaim.net: We already talked about great albums … do you also have a Top-5-list of Fashion-No-Go’s? (smiling)

Rhythmiss: I can only think of 3: 1) Wear the appropriate bra style and bra color with your outfit, 2) Skinny Jeans are awful, period! I don’t find them flattering at all, 3) I don’t like acrylic nails, they ruin your nails and I think nice length, natural finger nails are much prettier.

entertaim.net: Thank you very much !!!

Rhythmiss: You’re welcome, Dennis.

Rhythmiss on entertaim.net