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Reign of disciple/Higher

officially recorded 2004, published 2013 (only digitally)

Tracklist: 1) Reign of disciple 2) Higher

Line-up: Dennis Rowehl (drums), Pötter (guitars), AC Caruso (bass), Emilio di Boa (vocals)

Ezperanza - Reign of Disciple (Single)


Kilt the Konvention

released 2005 on Rockparade Records (CD and digital release)

Tracklist: 1) Drowning in myself 2) Vermilion 3) Blow me away 4 ) Kilt the Konvention 5) Another Lulla-bye 6) Get down 7) Die young 8) Wasting away 9) Shake it 10) Interlude Four 11) Save yourself 12) Firesign 13) Generation sick

Line-up: Dennis Rowehl (drums), Pötter (guitars), AC Caruso (bass), Jacek Klimontko (vocals)

Ezperanza - kilt the konvention


„Atlantic Flak Ahoi“ (EP) Release November 15th 2015 (ONLY on VINYL) – strictly limited edition (feat. signed posters)

Side 1: Gun Crazy Gone , Sounds of the Nite , Eyowa

Side 2: Vermilion (2015 edition) , Badlands

Line-up: Dennis Rowehl (drums), Leo (guitar, bass), Jacek Klimontko (vocals)

Ezperanza Discography


Dark Side of the Mall

Release: November 2015 (CD and digital)

Tracks: 1) Celebrity Extasy 2) Gun Crazy Gone 3) 2:22 4) Sounds of the Nite 5) Timebomb 6) Hellmoon Rising 7) Caprikorn 8) Insane (Dark Side of the Mall) 9) Atlantic Flak Ahoi – Bonustracks only on CD (limited edition): 10) Badlands 11) Eyowa

Line-up: Dennis Rowehl (drums, vocals), Leo (guitar, bass, vocals), Jacek Klimontko (vocals)

incl. 28-p-booklet (cover & back cover)

Ezperanza DiscographyEzperanza Discography

Deluxe-edition: strictly limited 48-page-photobook incl. CD with 11 tracks: