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ENTERTAIM.NET presents BABYMETAL, some kind of weird Metal project made in Japan. This is a short interview with Masetrmind Kobametal.

Interview by Rock Schmidt, photo by courtesy of Gordeon Your new album is ready for the release … again powerful and a combination between Techno till Death Metal. What are your expectations regarding the new album?

KOBAMETAL: Well, the album which is going to be released soon, is not our first album but our first foreign album. Will you come to Germany?

KOBAMETAL: The shows in Frankfurt, August 26th and in Berlin, August 27th, are aready confirmed. Japan created lots of crazy things regarding sub-art. What’s the reason why there’s such a big source of crazy art such as J-Rock, Animae and of course BabyMetal?

KOBAMETAL: There are diverse reasons but I think it’s about sensitivity and sensuousness of the Japanese that influence the scene. Japan has always been a good place for Heavy Metal – is it still what it used to be?

KOBAMETAL: Sure, there are still metal bands in Japan but not that many. I hope people will pay attention to BABYMETAL that we can push the metal scene in Japan. What’s the biggest advantage of being a Japanese band?

KOBAMETAL: Artist from Japan Japanische have a great sensitivity and sensuousness. If you listen to BABYMETAL which is a combination between Metal and Dance music, you feel the difference regarding expressing emotions.