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Never too late for Rock’n’Roll !!! Accidentally I found a great brand new band namend ADRENALINE RUSH that really kicks butt and celebrates great Sleaze Rock with brillant refrains bringing back the spirit of the 80’s. Especially lead singer and bombshell Tave Wanning convinced with a great voice and pure energy. We talked to her about the debut album, rock videos and her personal musical carreer …

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Picc by courtesy of the management of Adrenaline Rush Hi Tave, accidentally I found your album, listened to it and … wow … what n awesome surprise! Your debut album really rocks !! Apart from me … how was the feedback on your album so far?

Tave: Hey, thanks! I’m glad you like it. We’ve gotten mostly positive feedback so far, so all is good. I’m really happy. You started with a project named PEACHES … so, you already have lots of musical experiences. With Adrenaline Rush you worship the great Sleaze Rock, Glam Rock and Rock’n’Roll. What do you like most regarding this kind of Rock?

Tave: I was just a kid during the Peaches days, but we had a lot of fun and I it was a positive experience for me. When Peaches ended I knew I wanted to continue singing so I just kept going. I wouldn’t say I moved from Techno to Rock because I’ve always listened to all kinds of genres. I don’t worry too much about what genre music belongs to as long as it feel right. Techno comes from my dancing background but I grew up listening to Rock n Roll from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, thanks to my parents and it’s always been where my heart is. I love the energy and vibe, the whole way of life. I think I was probably born a few decades too late because I would have loved to grow up in the 70’s and 80’s when everything was happening. The great front men of rock inspire me the most; people like David Lee Roth, Steven Tyler, Robert Plant, Michael Monroe. Not only do they make good music, they also look cool and really bring it live. Are there any plans for coming over to Germany yet?

Tave: We would love to come over and play, performing live is the main reason the band even exists at all! But at the same time we’re a new band still building an audience and it’s hard to find gigs that pay enough to make ends meet. So unfortunately there are no plans to play in Germany right now, but hopefully we will be able to in the future. „Change“ is your first video. What’s the best part of producing videos and how important are videos to promote yourself?

Tave: Videos are fun to make. I came up with the concept for this one, and was lucky enough to find a really good team of people who made my vision come alive. It is important to have a video because you need to have a presence on the web, if you’re not there you pretty much don’t exist. There are no big promotion budgets at our level, so a website and social media is the main channel to stay in touch with fans (and potential fans). I wish I could say that playing live was the main channel, but like I said we need to build an audience before we can increase the number of gigs. It’s a bit of a catch-22 situation. Are there more videos in progress yet?

Tave: Nothing right now, but I am of course hoping that the album will do well enough so we get to do a follow-up. In which case there most definitely will be a new video.

Adrenaline Rush on entertaimnet For you as a musician at this time … what would be the biggest challenge? Maybe supporting a certain band?

Tave: I saw Hanoi Rocks for the first time when I was only 9 years old and ever since then they’ve been my main inspiration. The band broke up some time ago but Mike and Andy still have projects on their own. So I would say that opening for one of them would be awesome. Scary as hell but awesome! What are the next steps in the career of Adrenaline Rush this year?

Tave: We are playing a festival in Sweden called ”Väsby Rock Festival” in July. Lots of other cool bands on the bill, I am especially stoked that WASP are playing since they are also one of my favorite bands. It’s going to be a blast. You should come check it out if you can. Thank you very much & see ya in Germany soon …

Tave: Thank you so much for having me. Hope to see you soon. Until then … enjoy THE RUSH!