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Miami Beach. A sunny morning, a nice coffee and amazing company. I met Metisha Larocca and we talked about her new carreer in South Florida, the differences between the USA and Germany, paparazzis and Kim Kardashian …

Interview: Dennis Rowehl, photos by courtesy of Metisha LaRocca (c) by Krish Hello Metisha, you moved to Miami a couple of years ago and you’re really doing great and become more and more successful. What are your current projects?

Metisha: There are lots of projects in progress: Shooting, music video productions and also TV such as „taff“ on German TV (Pro7), a comedy serial on National TV right here in the US and more. Today I’ve got a video production for a latin music clip. What kind of role will you have in this video? Is it a video with a real story or are you dancing?

Metisha: (laughing) Well, I’m not a dancer. It’s a music video with a story and me as one of the protagonists. Acting is my passion and what I really want. Apart from modeling I will concentrate upon my career as an actress. Right now there’s a reality show in progress which will be produced by Shaquille O’Neal, I cannot tell you more details at this time but I’ll keep you up-dated. Awesome! Well, especially in Miami there are definitely many advantages but there’s also a lot of competition. What’s the „secret“ of your success or rather the difference between you and other models?

Metisha: Honestly, for lots of models it’s just a matter of recognition, they spend much time on the nightlife, clubbing, dancing and are interested in catching a rich man (smiling). I definitely focus on my own career and I’ve got a strict daily schedule: Starting with a coffee, the gym to remain in a good shape and then lots of castings. There are lots of distractions but you need to be disciplined. Do you manage yourself?

Metisha: I cooperate with a couple of different agencies. There are lots of requests that I really need people who care about bookings and stuff like this. I really don’t have time for this, I’ve got lots of shootings for magazines, catalogues etc. To get back to your last question … If you go to a casting then you never know what’s gonna happen … sometimes castings turned out to be totally successful, sometimes people think that I look like Kim Kardashian and don’t want me (laughing). Do people on the streets recognize you sometimes as Metisha … and not Kim Kardashian? By the way … she’s smaller than you, isn’t she?

Metisha: Oh yeah. But honestly, I like it when people recognize me. Even tourists from Germany who saw me on „taff“ want to take photos of me (smiling). That’s really cool. Once I had a shooting on the beach and didn’t notice that paparazzis took photos of me to sell them to international magazines. Mmhh … this can be rather inconvenient … … but on the other hand this means that you’re famous (smiling).

Metisha: You’re right (laughing). So you’re really busy, did you ever regret hang moved to Miami?

Metisha: Not it all, I love Miami! You know, things are much easier right here. In Germany it’s so complicating, there’s always an inflexible „official channel“, even in the entertainment biz. In US it’s possible to go the direct way right to he executive producer. It’s not about stiff schedules and „degrees“ … if you’re good … just do it. I like this attitude. I wanted to talk about how you remain in a perfect shape but you already told me … so gym is the key?

Metisha: Sure … and of course what you eat (laughing) Metisha, thank you very much, was great talking to you personally. Good luck especially with your future TV projects and I hope you can realize what you want.

Metisha: Thank you, Dennis

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