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Homestead, Florida. Modeling’s not just about glam, bikini beach shootings and the catwalk … it’s also a different lifestyle to explore the dark and wicked side of life. Desdemona „Des“ Catherine walks on the edge between grace and exploring limits and also supports Metal bands. I met her in her hometown Homestead to talk about her projects, tattoos, merchandise and American Metal.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Pics by courtesy of Desdemona Catherine (c) pic top by aspect one ; pic bottom by Raul N. Garcia Hi Des, how are things going in Florida? Well, you live in a place where the sun shines almost 360 days a year but you don’t really like the sun, do you?

Desdemona: (laughing) Ironically enough I don’t. I’ve always wanted that extra pale skin that looks like milk but with my freckles it already takes away from that. The biggest reason I don’t like being in the sun is due to my tattoos. I like them vibrant and to last and the sun just takes away from that and makes them fade … and to be honest … what can I say? I really feel like I’m a creature of the night at times. What are your current projects? Any magazine or catalogue shootings in progress?

Desdemona: Currently I’m working on a show I’m putting together in June called „Escalation Music Fest“ for my music & promotion projects and as for my modeling. I’m working on my merch line and an actual online website for purchasing. I’m super stoked for my merch and plan on doing tees, tanks, beanies and skate wraps. Of course that’s just the beginning. I also plan on working with my new personal photographer Raul N. Garcia and putting together a calendar and many other ideas but can’t just give all the ideas away just yet. Hopefully in the near future I’ll have the opportunity to shoot with Dream Vixens, Inked and Speed Angels. You are an Alternative Model. What kind of shootings you’d really like to do in this „genre“?

Desdemona: I like „grungy“ shoots that display sex appeal but also more attitude, semi goth, blood and props, some twisted reality, fetish, and artistic shoots. I like the artistic shoots to tell a story in each picture and focus less on the sex appeal and my stories I want them to relate more to the things that are so obvious on a daily basis but we try ignore as well as kinda fall back onto the topic of twisted reality. Like an example would be a shoot based off the struggle teenange girls go thru with self harm that a lot of people tend to ignore or make fun of just because they don’t understand it, or the girl who binges on food. Now whatever image just came into your head after reading that is the image I wanna display in the photo. I love it. I mean don’t get me wrong being sexy and let your inner badass out is great but I have an artistic side I need to feed as well and I tend to find that I like to express the darker parts of life and struggles. If I’m right you also organize Rock/Metal shows and you manage a Metal band. Can you tell us more about it?

Desdemona: Yes, you are right. (laughing) I love the music scene all together and being apart of it. I help promote bands and shows along with hosting shows. Definitely always a fun experience to be apart of something that’s so awesome. Currently I manage two bands in Florida. One is called „Rite to bare arms“ which is a Metal band from Miami that are fucking awesome and about to finish their cd and then I manage a 4 piece band out of Tampa called „Hang em High“ and they’re more of a Heavy Rock and Roll. What I do for the bands is help promote on the street. Social medias, magazines, put together shoots for them, book them shows and try and guide them the best way I feel they wanna go. Both bands have some upcoming shows one being an event I’m putting together called „Escalation Music Fest“ on June 20th at House of Rock Doral. I’m very excited for this show and all the bands that will be performing. I named it Escalation Music Fest because I wanted to do something for all genres of Rock and have it escalate from Alternative and everything in between and end with some Heavy Metal! You told me once that you like singing … but your voice fits more to Alternative Rock than Metal, especially Metalcore. Do you have any further intentions of being the lead singer of a real cool Metal band soon?

Desdemona: I love singing however as I said I don’t really hear too many Alternative bands anymore sadly but if I were able to find someone to take the time and teach me how to scream and growl then hell yeah … I wouldn’t mind starting a band of my own. Even if it were just for local stuff. If I’m right you also appeared in a music video?

Desdemona: Yes, a few years back I was part of a video for a local Miami Rock band called „Loaded Guns“ and there song was „the free“ … honestly I didn’t do much in the video but it was a fun experience and they are friends of mine so to help them was definitely enough. Its on YouTube and other sources but the link is Do you have intentions to do more stuff like this? Videos or maybe TV appearances?

Desdemona: I am definitely open to doing more. I have upcoming photo shoots as of now but I don’t usually turn down any opportunities so if one presents itself and within my realm of interest then for sure! I did a casting call about a yr ago for models and rock and that was the first casting call I did and I’ve done some bondage tickling foot fetish videos. I’ve done a total of 3 of those between Fort Lauderdale and Tampa. Let’s just say they were very interesting, different and extremely tickling. Here’s my last one: Why don’t you like Nicky Minaj? (laughing)

Desdemona: Aaarrghh (laughing) Well, let’s just say I respect what she does as an artist since I definitely understand that scene but I’m not a fan. We support never bash is what I go by (laughing). Des, was great meeting you. Thank you very much and good luck with your bands and projects.

Desdemona: Thank you, Dennis …

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Des by photographer Raul N. Garcia