Vaja on entertaimnet

Once the walking enigma called Vaja kept on rocking with her guitar and Rock music with a dark soul, meanwhile she changed her style and we talked to her about her reasons and her near future.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl, pic by courtesy of Vaja, by Kimberly Metz It’s quite a while ago since you released your debut EP. Now you changed your music style from Rock to Electro. Can you explain why?

Vaja: Rock music wasn’t working for me anymore. As all artists must evolve, it was time for me to change the playbook by revisiting the realm of electronic dance music. I’ve always been into electronic music at a young age and I was a part of the underground scene before it became mainstream in America. Before I even released my Rock EP, I had already performed at the annual electronic Ultra Music Festival in South Beach Miami Florida. I think it’s not usual to release real albums in this genre. So how many singles have you already released?

Vaja: You’re right! It’s not necessary these days to release albums anymore, just singles and EP’s. I’ve released 2 singles thus far: We Found Love, A Part Of Me (Vaja & Specialist Sound) and 1 remix by Ryan Patryk of my debut single ‘We Found Love.’ I plan on releasing more singles with producers like Serenity and Specialist Sound. Are there any new videos in progress?

Vaja: I’m in the process of discussing ideas with several avantgarde music video directors who will capture the visual interpretation of the essential elements of our music. You’re a guitarist. Isn’t it kinda hard for you making music without playing guitar?

Vaja: I still play my guitars when writing new melodies for songs plus I record guitar on some of my songs as well. How do your live gigs work? Like a DJ-performance or will you have a real band?

Vaja: Our live shows will consist of my producer being the DJ and I will sing live vocals & play instruments. We might even incorporate a live drummer for one off-shows. Eventually I will learn how to DJ as well. Do you have anything to add for your fans?

Vaja: My fans mean the world to me and I appreciate their support over the years. Stay tuned for new music! For more info visit Thank you very much.

Vaja: Thank you!