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Some people believe in the cliche that a model’s world is also a barbie’s world. Well, sometimes this may be the case but sometimes reality is totally different. Gorgeous bikini model Kayla (Lynn) Williams is not that kind of stereotyped girl, she grew up in a real man’s world with guns, wild and domestic animals and much more. I talked to her about her career, hunting, fishing and music.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Photos by courtesy of Kayla Williams – picture top (c) by Chris Rifkin / hunting picture (c) by Randy Wales / picture below (c) by RJAY GAMBOA

entertaim.net: Hi Kayla, you’re a famous IBMS-bikini model. What’s the best part of bikini shootings … apart from the beautiful weather?

Kayla Williams: I enjoy being in front of the camera and having so many different bikinis to shoot in (laughing)!

entertaim.net: What are your projects in the near future? Any magazine shootings as well?

Kayla: I’ll be attending the IBMS finals in May in the Dominican Republic!! I actually just done a magazine shoot while in Sacramento, California!

entertaim.net: On your official Facebook model-site there are not many pics from different kind of shootings. Would you also like to do fashion shootings?

Kayla: Since I am apart of IBMS and they are a bikini team, I’d rather just shoot bikinis! I have some other shoots I’ve recently done but I’d much rather be in a bikini.

entertaim.net: You really have got interesting hobbies which are kinda unusual for a model such as fishing and hunting. I think you grew up with fishing and hunting?

Kayla: Yes, I did grow up hunting and fishing! I was hunting and fishing way before modeling ever came to mind. I wouldn’t trade hunting and fishing for anything in this world. It’s my lifestyle and a way of survival for many.

entertaim.net: Besides you’re surrounded by lots of animals and nature … I remember the pic where you assist at a birth of a horse … could you imagine living in a huge town or do you prefer the rural life?

Kayla: Well, I really prefer living in the country (smiling).

entertaim.net: Let’s get back to your model career … do you have any intentions to act in a TV show?

Kayla: I actually have filmed two shows but neither have came out yet! Not yet …

entertaim.net: Last question … do you have a favorite singer? What type of music?

Kayla: Yes, my favorite girl singer is Miranda Lambert! Favorite guy singer is Dylan Scott! Miranda Lambert just reminds me so much of myself because she doesn’t take any crap and tells it how it is! Dylan Scott is from Louisiana (MY HOME STATE) and all of his music is amazing and he has a great personality! Country music is where my heart is! Always has been!

entertaim.net: Kayla, thank you very much.

Kayla: You’re welcome (smiling).

Kayla Williams on entertaimnet

Kyla Williams on entertaim.net