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American-Puertorican bombshell JOSIE FOX, model, spokesmodel, stylist and more has set out to expand her career to television hosting and acting. We talked to her about her future plans.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Photos by courtesy of Josie Fox; (c) by Jim Jurica (Make-up by Josie Fox) You’re a famous model who’s able to transform in any role. What kind of roles or shootings do you like most?

Josie Fox: I love being and feeling sexy so any role that I can be my sexy self is the best. I also really enjoy the completely opposite and playing the innocent girl. It’s a great way to express all the different sides of me. Are there any great shootings in progress for the near future yet?

J.F.: There is a lot of new things coming out for me this year. I was able to participate in the new T.V. show Empire. That airs season 1 episode 4. I was just accepted for two magazines through Delicious Dolls Magazine. One not so spicy and the other very spicy. I plan on doing several more magazines this year and if all goes well a few more t.v appearances. Sounds great. What has been your greatest challenge in acting yet?

J.F.: My greatest challenge is time. I want to be involved with so many wonderful things but unfortunately time doesn’t always let me. What kind of character you’d like to play in a movie?

J.F.: I would definitely like to be in an action film. Any hot babe that can kick ass is awesome in my book! (laughing) You’re described as model and entrepreneur … do you manage yourself?

J.F.: Yes, I do manage myself but I am looking to change that this year. I would love to have an agent to help me go even further in my career. Finally … do you have a personal Top-3-list how you keep yourself in a perfect shape?

J.F.: Hmm … this is hard. I think dancing everyday for 20-30 min does the trick. I also don’t go overboard. I’ll have a slice of cheesecake for dessert but thats it. I won’t go back and have another and then some more. You have to learn to enjoy everything with moderation. I also start my day with hot lemon water and I try to eat as organic as possible. Thank you very much, Josie.

J.F.: You’re welcome.

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