Pop Society Girls on entertaim.net

Las Vegas singer Karen Stella Jane introduces her new music project named POP SOCIETY GIRLS featuring Brenny J and we talked about the future plans.

Interview by Dennis Rowehl, photo by courtesy of Pop Society Girls, (c) by DW Kim, make-up by Sonia Marina

entertaim.net: Karen, you’ve got a new band project namend Pop Society Girls. Can you tell me something about you and your partner?

Karen: Brenda Lagos aka Brenny J., we met over a decade ago in California when she was working with a band called Crazytown and I was recording a voiceover for a Charity Event for CBS television. We met from a mutual music producer we knew at the time and have been friends and collaborating with songs ever since.

entertaim.net: So you split up with Michelle (MINNK). So what kind of music are you doing and what was the reason for going seperate ways?

Karen: In late 2013 I was working on a big project that required at least 4 different license for the United States release. The process took so long that my previous partner decided to go a different direction to EDM & Traphouse Music. When that happened Brenny J. took great interest to finish and happily took over the project to re-record all vocals. Now thanks to her, we signed with Harry Fox New York in December of 2014 and all license are approved! Not only is Brenny J. like superwoman, she is supersmart. She always had great desire to collaborate with me. I always have a great drive to start things but she knows just how finish. This is what makes a team! The best thing happened for us because of the wait and for the very passion of making music.

entertaim.net: When will you release your first album or single?

Karen: The debut pop single by Pop Society Girls is scheduled for release on iTunes on Christmas 2014. The song is a re-make of Ray Charles „Hit The Road Jack“. It has an Old-School feeling with an injection of energetic pop. It’s bound to „Hit the Road“ in many directions having a great team from Los Angele’s finest Music Industry professionals and represented by Harry Fox in NYC.

entertaim.net: Will you also produce a video?

Karen: We are in the process of putting the video production together and the lics. Our branding manager is very excited about the concept of doing a re-make of a Ray Charles hit.

entertaim.net: For shows will you concentrate upon Las Vegas or even Los Angeles?

Karen: We will feature 4 of our 1st songs for performance. We have been rehearsing now for 2 months, and plan to hit local stage venues (radio promotions & clubs) in Los Angeles first.

entertaim.net: Karen. Good luck and thank you very much.

Karen: Thank you Dennis for showing us so much love & support!