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Beauty competitions, „Latin Lives“, shootings, favourite outfits and more … interview with hot Brooklyn model Jessica Castro …

Interview: Dennis Rowehl, photos by courtesy of Jessica Castro – by Miguel Rivera @LenzLifePhotography (above) and by Will Millions @ TNY Cinema/Photography Hi Jessica, how are you doing?

Jessica Castro: Hello, I am great. Living Life and enjoying the ride as it comes. Staying busy and spending valuable time with family. You’re a busy model doing commercials, videos and more. What are your projects for the near future?

Jessica: Indeed I am. I have been modeling for the last 7 years, and I’ve actually been acting for the last 4 years. Right now my plans for the near future are to focus much more on my acting. I want to focus mainly on TV commercials and TV shows. That is where my heart is at the moment. Right now I have been putting a lot of focus and studying into a Web Series called „Latin Lives“ where I have booked two separate roles. Both very different from each other yet very challenging and amazing. The Web Series is out now, Episode 1, 2, & 3 can be viewed on their „Latin Lives“ You tube page. Episode 6 is where I come in. Hope you enjoy! Great. Jessica, will you release a 2015 calendar?

Jessica: Honestly, that is something I have never thought about but if I were to ever get the right approach on it, I would definitely put it out there. Besides … what do you think about beauty competitions?

Jessica: (laughing) I honestly LOVE them! I watched them growing up with my mom and at the age of 19 I actually entered my very first competition. I ran for Miss Virginia – that is where I lived at the time. I had not placed BUT the journey itself was an amazing opportunity. If I were to ever have the chance to do it again. I SO WOULD! What’s the best part of being a model? Apart from traveling?

Jessica: (laughing) I honestly love playing dress up, you’re like someone’s mannequin. You can be someone you’ve never thought you could be. And what girl doesn’t like that?! Do you have some advice for our female readers to remain in a perfect shape?

Jessica: I have been naturally thin all my life. Thankfully (laughing) But it wasn’t until I got a little bit older where I started to get more shape and „curves“ but I learned the way to maintain a good weight and to stay fit is to drink lots of water. Eat lots of veggies. Eat small portions AND exercise!!! I love to walk. Do you have a personal Top-3 list of your favorite outfits? … and the ultimate fashion No-Go?

Jessica: I do not have a personal Top 3 favorite outfit, I just know that I LOVE to be a girly girl. I love to dress up in dresses and heels and be and feel beautiful but then I also love to be in jeans and a t-shirt with some sneakers or cute flats. I feel whatever makes you YOU, go right for it! and I don’t think there are any fashion NO-Go’s. Fashion is to have fun with. Jessica, thank you very much.

Jessica: You’re welcome, Dennis.

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