Engel at entertaim.net

ENGEL, the band of IN FLAMES guitarist Niclas Engelin, has just released the new album „Raven Kings“. We took the opportunity to talk about the new album and future plans.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Pic by courtesy of Pirate Smile, by Johan Carlen

entertaim.net: You just released you new album „Raven Kings“. How was the feedback so far?

Niclas: So far it´s been just more than we could ask for and the feedback is overwelming beyond our expectations, people seems to like Raven Kings and that means alot to us!

entertaim.net: I like the artwork. What’s behind the album title „Raven Kings“ and besides … who did the artwork?

Niclas: It´s the one and only the mighty Joachim Luetke who had painted our music for a cover artwork and the way he expressed our music into a cover art is just brilliant and so on the spot of what we were aiming for. It catches the mood and the title of the album „Raven Kings“ right down to the core!

entertaim.net: On your Facebook profile there are no tour dates yet? Is a European Tour in progress and will you play in Germany as well?

Niclas: It is and we got something going which takes us across Europe, uk during a period of 5-6 weeks so it will be a full on tour or tours going so just hang in there a couple of day´s and you will have all the info about touring.

entertaim.net: You also released a video for the song „Salvation“. How much fun is it for you acting in your own music videos?

Niclas: I am not on any promo pics or video due to the fact that I will not be touring with the band, I´m more of the guy behind the curtain and put the music together and a feedbacker or a hidden member of the band due to my duties with In Flames, I wish the day had more hours like 48 maybe..

entertaim.net: Will you play on bigger festivals next year?

Niclas: Oh, yes!! We are planning it as we speak at the moment, we are aiming at getting the most of the festivals..

entertaim.net: Thank´s for the interview.

Niclas: You’re welcome.