BLACK VEIL BRIDES / Fans, Bob Rock, Metallica and the new album – Interview with Jake Pitts

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Successful and still growing BLACK VEIL BRIDES from L.A. just released the new album „IV“ and an entire tour in Europe for 2015 is already booked. We had the chance to talk to guitarist Jacob „Jake“ Pitts about the new album, Bob Rock, Metallica and young fans.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / pic by courtesy of October Promotion Hello. Cool new album and also good chart positions again. Congratulations! How hard was it for you making a new album with the pressure of high expectations?

Jake Pitts: This time we had a great experience to do this album with Bob Rock. It was really an easy job! He produced Metallica’s „Black“-album. It was like a dream coming true, such a great experience and we had so much fun! Higher expectations? Well, we do the music for ourselves and we didn’t think about expectations that much. Did Bob Rock came to you?

Jake Pitts: Yes, he heard about our pre-productions and he invited us for a meeting … at 8 o’clock in the morning (laughing), then we scheduled rehearsals (…) and at the end he was the producer of our 4th album. Who’s next? Rick Rubin?

Jake Pitts: (laughing) You’ll never know but honestly … Bob Rock is such a great producer, we’re absolutely happy with him! Working with him was such a pleasure! I remember the last time you played in Cologne (Germany). You had a MEET & GREET with lots of teenager fans. So people say that you’re kind of a Teenie-Metal-band. Does this bother you?

Jake Pitts: No, not at all. We’re proud to have so many young fans. It’s important to have fans! The age group doesn’t matter at all. I know that some people used to hate us but after having seen us live they totally changed (laughing). It’s important how many people / fans show up to see you live. It’s good to have a young fan base that grows with you and after each show we even get more fans. That’s awesome. That’s the reason why we love these MEET & GREETs cause you can make your fans happy by signing whatever they want and making pictures. That’s really awesome and also weird how fans react. What’s more fun … recording new songs or making the video for a song?

Jake Pitts: Producing videos is cool but for me personally … I like beeing in the studio. I like to be on my own sometimes and to be musically creative! I’ve got my own studio and before the real production of the album started we did lots of pre-productions and recorded the album in different studios … in L.A., where we live and also in Vancouver. Canada was great because we really could be focused on our music and the recordings. No distraction. What’s the best thing about playing live and touring?

Jake Pitts: Touring is great. The 1,5 hours on stage amazing. So we’re really focused on the music and the performance. The feeling on stage with happy faces and fans singing-along is so amazing! Do you have time for sight-seeing?

Jake Pitts: Sometimes we have a day off and get the chance to see the sights – I saw the Eifel-Tower in Paris 3 times (laughing), but usually we don’t have much time for this. Press dates, interviews, traveling, shows, traveling again (laughing) … At this time .. . what would be the biggest challenge for you, musically? Is there a certain band you’d like to share the stage with? Mötley Crüe, Metallica?

Jake Pitts: Oh yeat! Metallica! This would be awesome if we had the chance to tour with them. We played with so many great bands but Metallica would be definitely a challenge. Now I learned alot by Bob Rock about the original Metallica guitar and bass sound. This was incredible and I’m a big Metallica fan. This would be definitely something. Thank you so far! Next year you will show up in Germany again …

Jake: You’re welcome. Yes, we’re playing a European Tour, this is gonna be awesome …