MELISSA CEJA / Rock Videos and Sexy Mud Shoots

Melissa Ceja on 1

Interviewing Las Vegas model Melissa Ceja’s always a pleasure. Stunning Melissa tells us news recording new projects, what’s special about Las Vegas, „Fashion No-Gos“ and exciting shootings.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl, photos by courtesy of Melissa Ceja – (c) David Lopez (above), (c) BABEMETHOD (below)

1st interview: Hi Melissa … obviously you had great shootings such as the one by Rich Masuda and RockyBatchelor … great pictures … by the way .. where was this motorcycle shooting?

Melissa: Ohh thank you! (smiling) The motorcycle shoot was shot at this mansion in Las Vegas. Such a fun easy shoot! You’re quite busy at the moment, aren’t you? The Bachelor Project, videos and of course shootings. What are your current projects at the moment?

Melissa: I’m actually leaning more toward television now. I’ve been looking around for the perfect agent to guide me into that field. What kind of shooting you’ve never done and you’d really love to do?

Melissa: I’ve always wanted to do a sexy mud shoot. Unfortunately for me, I haven’t had the opportunity to do one yet, but hopefully in the near future! Do you ever thought about acting in a rock video or even in a real movie? Are there any offers yet?

Melissa: Yes, I would love to be an actress in a real movie or even a TV show. I don’t know about a rock video. Maybe if I really liked the song (laughing). Your last interview on got an amazing positive feedback … have you ever been in Germany yet or do you have any intentions?

Melissa: No, I have never been to Germany. I would love to go one day, but I don’t have any plans to go anytime soon. One day I will though ! If I’m right you still live in Vegas. What’s the best thing about Las Vegas? I think there are lots of opportunities but also lots of competition?

Melissa: The thing I love most about Vegas is how fancy the city is. That’s what made me fall in love with Las Vegas from the beginning. It completely matches my personality. There are a lot of beautiful and talented people in this city, but I’ve never been the type that has been intimidated by others. Once I know what I want, I’ll try over and over until I get it and I’ll do it the right way (smiling). The last time we talked about hot outfits … now why not talking about a Top-3 list of No-Gos what you would never wear?!

Melissa: Ohh that’s easy! You would never catch me in bright Jordan’s. Unless it was for a shoot. I think that whole look is very childish. Also, I’m not too much of a fan of the urban look, high wasted shorts with the jacket tied around my waist. Lastly, you would never catch me in pj’s in public. Even when I dress casual, it’s not very plain. Besides … what kind of music do you like most? Obviously Rock not that much (laughing) Have you ever thought about singing?

Melissa: I like all types of music, but my favorite is Hip Hop! I would love to be a singer, I sing quite often, but most people aren’t a fan of my singing (laughing) I keep singing though! Melissa, thank you very much … and hopefully I se you on TV soon …

Melissa: Thank you, Dennis.

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