Sahar Khadjenoury is a multi-talent … model, actress, filmmaker and much more. We talked to talented and beautiful Sahar about her current and future projects.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl, photo by courtesy of Sahar Khadjenoury, by Sam Minkler Hi Sahar, how are you doing? You’re an actress, documentary filmmaker and also model. What are you most at the time and what are your projects for the near future?

Sahar: Guten Morgen Deutschland! (laughing) Wow!

Sahar: Dennis, it’s absolutely gorgeous here, in Salt Lake City, Utah. There is snow covering the peaks of the mountains that surround the city. I have been very busy with filming lately, I have been in post production on a project called “The Marauder Market” that I had filmed in Italy and Morocco. Lately I’ve been mainly working as a filmmaker but this year I have acted in two films, worked as a Red Carpet Correspondent at Sundance Film Festival and still model. It seems like I’ll be blessed with the opportunity to work both behind and in front of the camera for a few more years. Before moving into the film business you had lots of experiences regarding theatrical stage. How important are these experiences for your current career?

Sahar: The theatre and film are very similar and very different in terms of acting. In the theatre you absolutely must know your lines from the beginning to the end of the film because there are no cut and no opportunities to glance at your scripts, and in film, you must learn the art of subtle. It’s amusing to me to watch theatrical trained actors in from the camera, it’s comedic. What do you prefer? Comedy or drama?

Sahar: I’m a fan of comedy, it suits my personality and my interests however, I do love time period pieces which are primarily dramas. This is a tough question! You’ve been finalist at the Intel science and Engineering Fair and you won Utah’s First Annual Pollution Prevention Contest … that doesn’t sound like a model’s business as usual (laughing). Can you tell us more about these contests?

Sahar: (laughing) Oh you’ve done your homework. Yes, I was a finalist in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, the medal that I had received is one of my prized possessions. My project was “Should the Navajo Nation Allow Uranium Mining to Resume on its Land?”, I dedicated all of my time to researching, developing my photographic essay, interviewing, and assembling this project as a way to create a global awareness to what was happening on the Navajo reservation I was living on. This is also what inspired me to enter the Pollution Prevention contest, my commercial won first place, it was also the first film/video project I had ever created. To do this, I had constructed a team of classmates to develop and produce this video. I suppose I was always destined to protect the environment and the rights of the people. Modeling was a way to build a audience base. You also appeared in many music videos. Which one is your favorite video and by the way … what’s your fave music?

Sahar: Pepe Aguilar is a famous singer from Mexico, his video “Por Una Mujer Casada” is still my favorite shoot to have worked on. Although I do not speak Spanish it’s a catchy song and the theme of the story was very theatrical. I was the wife of a gambler who catches the attention of a rogue and a brawl ensues, they were really throwing cards and breaking bottles!! What a great time. I don’t have a certain type of music that I listen to exclusively, I do however love International Chillout Lounge, like Buddah Bar, but I adore artists like Sade, Depeche Mode, and Red Hot Chili Peppers. I read on your Facebook site that you’re chasing thrills. What kind of thrills you’re still looking for. What kind of dangerous shooting you’d like to do as a model?

Sahar: I love a great adrenaline rush! Skydiving seemed to answer my thrill seeking calling. I also enjoy ride alongs at Drift Racing events. One of my main goals in life was to hug a white tiger, but now that I have completed that in the Philippines I think I need to experience the shark cage..yes, this is craziness, but I love it. What would be your greatest challenge as an actress?

Sahar: The greatest challenge as an actress (for me) is memorizing lines, maybe I am losing my memory! What I do love is getting into character and relating that to the camera. Now that i am directing (although I am still in film school) I can assist my actors in overcoming their challenges. Sahar, it was a pleasure talking to you. All the best for your future procets.

Sahar: My pleasure. Thank you very much …