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Miami and Atlanta model and dancer Paradise Rodriguez was dressed for success but a sudden accident hit her like a terrible setback. Nevertheless strong and gifted Paradise decided not to surrender and now she’s back -stronger than ever – with a suitcase full of new projects ready to strike again. I talked to stunning Paradise about her accident, the consequences and future projects such as new shootings and a German Underground movie.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl, photos by courtesy of Paradise Rodriquez, by Twisted Eye Productions (above) and by cubicmicron (u3) (buttom) Hi Paradise, how are you doing? Where do you live right now? Atlanta, Panama City or finally Miami?

Paradise: I’m well. I’m living in the beautiful Miami, Florida, although, I am spending a great deal of time in Atlanta, Georgia, working on several projects. Let’s start with something really sad … you had this terrible accident and you lost your memories of the last years a couple of months ago. How do you feel right now? Did you get back your memories?

Paradise: Sadly, no I haven’t gotten my memories back, but I am managing. I figured the most important things were to learn about my health and my career after that everything else would just fall into place. It’s really strange when people walk up to me so excited then they remember or find out that I don’t remember them. The look of disappointment in their eyes truly sucks, but I tell them „we can always make new memories as long as we both are here“. A small way of being optimistic in a really weird situation. You’re definitely a very strong woman and it’s more than remarkable that you really negotiate any kind of setbacks and keep going your way. What gives you the strength not to surrender?

Paradise: Growing up, I didn’t have the support I should have. I still don’t. But, I decided I would believe in myself. I would prove all the naysayers wrong and achieve everything my heart desired. I use their doubt to fuel me and I use my passion to steady me while keeping humble to keep my focused.  You’re quite busy again with GoGo Dancings and there are lots of new amazing photos taken by you. What are your next projects? Any great shootings in progress?

Paradise: I just finished dancing at Elektrik Fantasy II, I’m looking forward to Elektrik Bloom 2 this spring. I will also be joining New Zealand’s Triple Rock Vodka on their USA West Coast tour this spring 2015. I’m working on a few magazine spreads, 2 upcoming fashion shows and I’m hoping to be doing more with Wicked Hammer Energy. We just did a small Promo video on Youtube for Wicked Hammer Energy and Triple Rock Vodka. That was a blast. And lastly I might dabble into becoming a ring girl for a few MMA fights. We’ll see (laughing). Wow … amazing! Paradise, the last time we talked about your shooting when you climbed up trees on High Heels. What can be the next step for you … High Heel Alpine Climbing?

Paradise: Well, I truly believe if I were stranded on an island and could only take one thing with me, I’d take a pair of good heels. You can use the heel to catch food and possibly climb for safety, while using the base to protect your feet. But, I’ve actually gotten into Fire Spitting. I perform in festivals like Elektrik Fantasy and I hope to take my talents, besides dancing, there. I am also attempting to convince the zoo to permit me to shoot with lions. I’ve done snakes, but I want to do more. Besides … do you have some news regarding acting?

Paradise: I have been working on several upcoming films and TV shows. I am extremely excited about that especially a few episodes of Constantine and Powers ( a sony station super hero show). I have the honor in being in a upcoming German Underground movie and if my scheduling goes as planned, I might even get to visit Germany soon. I am also preparing for a Broadway audition. I am very excited about that as well. One of my many goals to accomplish. The last time we talked about your Top-3 hottest outfits. Do you also have a Top-3-list of fashion no-gos?

Paradise: My top 3 fashion no-gos would be 1: High waist jeans especially on a smaller hipped girl. 2: Busty corsets on a smaller chest girl. 3: High Heels under 5″. I don’t see the point in them. You might as well wear flats and call it a day. I myself prefer 7″+ heels. The taller the better. Very few girls can walk in High Heels, let along run full speed like I can. Well, finally you said that you’re up to any and all challenges. What will be your challenges for 2015?

Paradise: As many of my amazing fans know, I’ve been dealing with quite a bit of health issues. I am determined to over come them. It won’t be easy, but I have faith in myself. I will also be going to shoot internationally after hitting our West Coast. I am excited to see what the rest of the world has to offer me. Mark my words, 2015 will be the year of Paradise Rodriguez. I promise … and I never break a promise (laughing). Paradise, always a pleasure! Then I see you soon on DVD with the German movie … looking forward.

Paradise: Me too, Dennis. Thank you very much!

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