BLAUE BLUME / Danish romantics on the breakthrough / interview at c/o pop

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There are new talents constantly dripping out from cosy little Denmark to Germany and to Europe as well – and maybe the most interesting and individual band is BLAUE BLUME. Despite they brought out just one EP, they had big radio airplay back home, and they managed to get to some important showcase festivals in Germany. A band on the breakthrough as it seems! We met them twice – recently at the danish showcase at Reeperbahn Festival where we talked the night through, and a few weeks before at c/o pop festival in Cologne, where they played the danish evening at Stadtgarten. The whole band talked to us, but as singer Jonas seems to be responsible for the name and the musical direction, sometimes we state his name separately. Interview by Martin Hannig and Markus Drost, photo by courtesy of Blaue Blume. Are you from Copenhagen?

bb: Originally from Jutland, but we now live in Copenhagen. In Germany everybody wants to go to Berlin to make music. Is it the same with Copenhagen?

bb: Yes definitely. Some go to Arhus, the other big city. If you wanna find the places where the music is, that’s the place you have to go. You meet people you never met elsewhere in Denmark. I was wondering about your band name. Very unusual, for us germans to hear that german words…

bb (Jonas): I found it in old book by a guy called Novalis. He was a writer in the romantic period. He wrote a sort of tale about a Blaue Blume. It’s a symbol and there’s a complexity behind it and it has that femininity about it which I really like. And like the sound of the “Bs”. The symbol of the word was fitting to our music. When we go to Germany than suddenly it’s your mother tongue and there’s nothing wired about Blaue Blume. It’s just 2 words you know very well. It sounds very cheesy for germans like in english “blue flowers” –very cheesy (laughs). But there’s a simplicity about it which is very cool. For me there’s a strong connection between the name and your music. Indeed your music sounds very romantic which fits to the name.

bb: The music definitely came out first. Then Jonas found the name and we found it really fitting. In a way it encapsulates the music, makes the frame for the music. And within that name whatever music we are doing seems to be at home. It’s a kind of inspiration for us, and we think it’s a natural development towards that name.

bb (Jonas): I like that we can distance ourself in a way. I wasn’t familiar with the expression. That Blaue Blume sound so soft and sweet but the first thought I get was not a blue flower necessarly, it could be anything else. I was really looking for an universal name and I found that in another language. But then again actually it’s the same thing with english names, you also know what they mean but you don’t hear them like an English. Well most c/o pop festival visitors will go like “eeh Blaue Blume – what the hell is that? A german band is playing the danish evening??” (laughing all around)

We saw you this year at Roskilde Festival playing a gig at the press village for the media people….

bb: A really really small stage! Did you play another show there?`

bb: Yes of course. In Denmark we have that strong rising scene with great upcoming bands. They picked around 20 bands for the stage on the warm up days. It was amazing there was a lot of people. And we are in that Roskilde project… Yes I heard from that – a few bands get more promoted and help by Roskilde…

bb: We’ve been chosen for that. Maybe they have something to do with our gig here today I don’t know. And there’s also that “Music Export Denmark”, a company which works to get danish bands abroad. You’ll be appearing at the Reeperbahn Festival in September right? There’ll be this Music Export Denmark showcase with a few bands…

bb: That will be an important gig as well! Reeperbahn is one of the names you know when you talk about European festivals. Yes there are this two main festival s for upcoming bands, the Eurosonic in the Netherlands in January and Reeperbahn in September. The European Austin maybe…

bb: Yes we are very aware of that. There could be people changing our career…. Like today: we been on the road for 10 hours today to play that 30 minutes here. A hell of a trip – we know that because we ride every year from here up to Roskilde!

bb: (laughing) Tell us about your recordings so far!

bb: We made an EP… … only, and now you play c/o pop and Reeperbahn…

bb: (Jonas) Yes! We released 3 songs via Soundcloud beginning in March 13. Those songs made it possible for us to take it further. We had the material for the EP and recorded that and it was released officialy worldwide. We are working on our debut record right now. Writing songs, and recording demos and just getting ready to go to the studio. I can’t put a date on it but hopefully next year will be a full length debut album. It depends on the songs. It has to be a manifest in a way, a manifesto of greatness (laughs). We want to get even deeper into our own sound in the studio. You can’t help to see an EP is a kind of a warm up. That doesn’t mean it feels like a warm up to us – we really like this good package of songs which belongs together. But still a lot of reviews goes like “good start, let’s see what they do with their debut album!” And we wanna show them what we can do with that album. Are you gonna play some new material tonight?

bb: We would if we had more time. Bu tonight we better stick to the old ones. We are still a sort of a new band. We have only released a single EP. That EP opened some new perspectives to us who we are and what we sound like. It’s those perspectives we wanna dig into even further. On the album, it will be even more Blaue Blume like. Even more us. We really wanna find that.

bb (jonas): In some way we sound like us, and in some way we sound like our references … ….. Sigur Rós…

bb (Jonas): Yes! And I believe that on our debut record the stuff that belongs only to us will be opening to us. When we hear people talk about the EP we get an idea about what they feel is just us and so we can get an idea about what we feel is just us. Are you all going in the same direction as a band or do you tend to discuss a lot about?

bb: (Jonas): We go in a thousand directions when we rehearsing. And that’s the thing about it!. We don’t say that we write only Blaue Blume songs. It’s a new song, every time. No matter where it goes we will follow that path. See, tonight we will play only 6 songs, but you will notice that during that songs we go to many different directions and different soundscapes … Did you play in another band before?

bb: We played in other smaller groups back in Jutland. Nothing one knows of. We just talked with the manager of Den Sorten Skole. The bands plays before huge crowds like 10.000 in Denmark and here in Germany before 200. It’s always difficult for danish bands to get this amount of success as in Denmark. But with that name Blaue Blume – could be a reminder in Germany….

bb: We feel that it’s moving in the right direction. And we are doing the right things. We can only analyse what is happening. And it feels like things are happening right now. Beginning of June we played in Berlin at “Nordic by nature”, which was really cool – lots of people showed up. Seems like there was a big interest. And we were talking with the fluxfm radio and that felt good. We are happy to go back to Berlin for a gig in Oktober. Well guys all the best for you! See you in Hamburg!