Crucified Barbara on entertaimnet

After a break Crucified Barbara are back in Germany and Europe supporting the brand new 4th album „In the Red“.  After almost 9 years on the road the female Rock’n’Roll band from Sweden developed to a professional band with a furious live performance. Right before the show I talked to Mia Coldheart and Ida Evileye about the new album, live experiences and beeing surrounded by male musicians in just one the nightliner.

Interview and pic by Dennis Rowehl Hi Mia and Ida, nice to see you again! It’s a couple of years ago ….

Mia: Thank you! Yes, the last time we played a tour in Germany was a couple of years ago … You travel with 2 bands. How does it feel to spend much time with 18 people in one nightliner?

Mia: It’s great. They are really nice people and it’s nice … we started just a couple of days ago but it feels like 2 weeks (laughing).

Ida: We were getting used to share a bus with different bands. We’ve been on the road with many bands that now it’s kinda routine. Especially for a girl, isn’t it really hard?

Mia: For me it’s not a girl thing, I know guys who are much more worrying about make-up and stuff like this (laughing). You released your 4th album after about nine years. Is there a kind of personal pressure or the personal expectation to get a chart position?

Ida: You always aim for that of course. We got lots of positive response this time and we hope the best.

Mia: We worked on this album more than 5 months and we hope that the new album will be successful. This time we have a great PR agency that helps us promoting the new album which is – for me – the best one! You’re on the road since „In distortion we trust“. Is it still fun and electrifying traveling and playing lots of shows?

Ida: We’re much more experienced right now, our songs are better, we found better people to work with, we got better equipment and we tried to be as professional as possible. You’re married, Ida … does this work?

Ida: (laughing) Not really, it’s very hard to combine both … we spent lots of time in the studio, now we’re back on tour and spend lots of time on promotion …

Mia: So the lack of time is the biggest problem but I think it’s worth it. Especially in Sweden we got lots of press and airplays. If you look back to your beginning … what’s the biggest change?

Mia: Right in the beginning when we started it was important to be part of each party!!! Hanging out with all these bands and party and drink. It was such a fun but now we’re much more professional and concentrate upon the shows. It’s still great to be on stage! We became a better band and it’s never boring to hang out with the same girls all the time. Now you’re the headliner … what’s different?

Ida: It’s fun to be the headliner, we can play as long as we want … yeah it’s great!

Mia: Will you stay for the show? Of course! I’m not gonna miss it!

Ida: Great! Okay, thank you very much … Good luck for the future and I really hope you’ll have a succassful headliner tour!

Ida: Thank you!

Mia: Thank you very much.