Junkstars on entertaimnet

Sweden Rock … Right now the Junkstars from Stockholm on their first European Tour supporting Crucified Barbara and Supercharger, so I met the band to talk about the European experience, tattoos and finally to take some funny pics in front of their „official“ tour bus. Besides … I had the interview just with the tattooed guys Tobbe „Bronxen“ Ljungqvist and Mathias „Matte“ Wanneberg – singer Max „Max“ Malmquist showed up a little later 🙂

Interview / photo by Dennis Rowehl

entertaim.net: Wow, nice tattoos … When did you get your first one?

Matte: When I was 16 …

entertaim.net: Honestly? What did your mom say?

Matte: (laughing) She told me: „I love you, doesn’t matter how you look like“ … (laughing)

entertaim.net: Is it your first time in Germany. Did you have any expectations?

Tobbe: Yeah and it’s the first European tour. We heard lots of good things about Germany and … Wow, it’s great playing with two great bands having the opportunity traveling in a huge nightliner. That’s awesome!

Matte: We had lots of fun so far! And the beer’s great right here (lauging). This tour is a great chance for us to get more international fans. Of course we know that it’s a hard business but this tour is like a dream coming true. We always wanted this! Germany, Italy, Scotland … that’s awesome!

entertaim.net: What are your lyrics about?

Tobbe: Life. Girls, …

entertaim.net: … and tattoos!

Tobbe, Matte: (laughing)

entertaim.net: There are lots of great Rock bands coming from Sweden …

Tobbe: Definitely cause we don’t have better things to do … especially in the winter.

Matte: Yeah, that avoids us from killing ourselves (laughing) when it’s dark and cold.

entertaim.net: Do you have some Rock’nRoll gossip stuff for me yet?

Tobbe: (laughing) Not yet … but who knows? We got some wicked stuff in our videos but we’re not Steel Panther (laughing).

entertaim.net: What’s the next step?

Tobbe: We’re working on a new album and right now the tour’s a great opportunity to build up a fanbase by playing live. I hope many people show up and like our stuff.

entertaim.net: I heard you’ve got a day off tomorrow?

Tobbe: Yes, I hope to find a laundry cause I just got to wash my underwear (laughing). After 5 days I should change it …

entertaim.net: … you can turn it inside out ….

Matte: (laughing) I don’t have that much stuff for an entire tour, so it’s necessary to wash it … sometimes.

entertaim.net: Do you have a final statement for the new fans?

Matte: Yes, we’re still on tour, so please come to our shows and listen to our 2 albums …. they are pretty good!

entertaim.net: Alright, it was nice talking to you … enjoy the rest of the tour and good luck!

Both: Thank you very much …