Supercharger on entertaimnet

After an extended tour supporting H.E.A.T. and a short break of maybe half a year Supercharger from Denmark are back with Headliner Crucified Barbara presenting Danish Dynamite at its best. It’s always fun talking to these guys, that’s why I scheduled another interview with lead singer Mikkel.

Interview by Dennis Rowehl / Photo by courtesy of Pirate Smile, (c) by Michael Caddy Sondergaard Hey Mikkel! Let’s start with a statement Gene Simmons gave on blabbermouth … that Rock’n’Roll’s finaly dead …

Mikkel: (laughing) Did you see Dee Snider’s answer? Well, of course the industry has changed but with social medias we have even more opportunities and we can also remain independent and build up our own business. What about all the gossip and scandals especially bands from the 80’s have been famous for. Maybe this kind of Rock’n’Roll we do miss?!

Mikkel: Honestly, we focus on business, I don’t think you can get away with this anymore, everything is more complicating and the club owners don’t allow that you smash and destroy things or even the whole venue. Well, don’t get me wrong, I’d love to do it and love to act that way … but we don’t have someone to pay for the damage (laughing). No kidding … but I even don’t like alcohol … since 2 years … sometimes it’s hard watching all those guys drinking …. then I drink non alcoholic beer and think about the placebo effect … that makes me feel better (laughing)! The early days we drank alot … but times changed a little bit. What did change since the last album and the tour with HEAT?

Mikkel: The tours are better, we got more fans and sell more merchandise stuff … … with the naked mermaid ….

Mikkel: You Germans are so simple … we put titties on an album and the sales are good (laughing). There are lots of statues with naked mermaids in Danish small towns, maybe it’s a secret fantasy to bone a fish or something (laughing) The last time you told me that Rock’n’Roll is not that big in Denmark and that you just get respect after being succesful in other countries … so did anything change since the last tour?

Mikkel: Definitely! When people see all the places where we played they are impressed! People ask me: „Wow, is it true that you played more than 100 shows in one year?“ … and I say …. Well, YESSSS (laughing)! Now we ‚re playing the second big tour in a short period and it’s great cause people start to remember us. The PR is pretty good, we give more interviews …  The tour with HEAT was very good and now supporting another great band from Sweden – Crucified Barbara – is also a great opportunity. How long you’ll play tonight?

Mikkel: About 45 minutes pure Rock’n’Roll (laughing) Cool … Mikkel, thank you for the interview and enjoy the rest of your tour!

Mikkel: Always a pleasure talking to you, Dennis. Thank you very much … and we love Cologne !!!!