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Hot and stunning model Crystal McCallum from Dallas, Texas, about the typical spirit of Texas, the passion of modeling, experiences with different photographers and beauty advices …

Interview by Dennis Rowehl, photos by courtesy of Crystal McCallum, (c) by niño / Nino Batista Hi Crystal, how are you doing? You’re from Texas … and I heard that people from Texas are very proud people … what’s the best part of living in Texas?

Crystal: I am a Texas girl indeed, born and raised. I’d like to think the best part about living in Texas would be the people. I have to say I’ve travelled the world & the people in Texas are just friendly people and very genuine. Modeling is your passion … when did you start modeling?

Crystal: I am very passionate about modeling, it’s more of and art to me than anything. I’ve been modeling for a little over 2 years. You appeared in lots of magazines … do you have some further magazine shootings in progress?

Crystal: I actually do (smiling) I’ll be published in ManCave & I believe that will be in September. I have many things in the works I’m very excited for so stay tuned. What kind of shootings do you like most?

Crystal: Well, I love to shoot anything, I’m very open to diversity but so far my favorite would have to be anything with natural lighting. I feel like it catches more emotion. You studied at the University of Northern Texas … what subjects did you study?

Crystal: Business & Marketing. What’s the best part of modeling … and is it still a new challenge working with new and different photographers?

Crystal: The best part of modeling for me is being able to work with people just as passionate about something as I am. I would defiantly say working with new photographers is challenging after all, we are both artist and we don’t always have the same vision but I’m open minded and it always works out. Crystal, do you have a Top-3 list of beauty advices to remain in a perfect shape?

Crystal: Working out at least 3days a week, aating healthy and finally don’t smoke. That’s it. Thank you and enjoy your magazine shootings.

Crystal: Thank you, Dennis.

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