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Sydney based model, ring girl and fighter in training Katia Kubacki aka TATTOOED KATIA loves her tattoo art on her skin and she’s a famous model in the tattoo-scene. We talked to her about music, her future shootings and about TATTOO-NO-GOs …

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Pictures by courtesy of Tattooed Katia (c) by Janette Vinko Hi Katia, how are you?

Katia: I’m fantastic, thanks! What’s that fascinating about tattoos?

Katia: Well, I think others find them fads sting because I don’t look like I would have tattoos. In fact if I was to wear pants and a top you wouldn’t see them. I also think it’s due to the size and detailing. I always knew I wanted to get tattooed so instead of getting one piece here and there I planned out my body suit and have just gone from there! 20 years ago only Rock Stars, bad boys, bikers … and prisoners got tattoos … then it became fashionable. What do you think about all those people who are tattooed just because it’s kinda hip?

Katia: What other people do I cannot control. In saying that it does frustrate me when people get it just for the sake of it but 9/10 people I meet with tattoos have great stories to go with them. In a world where and paper are becoming obsolete we are still telling stories just on our skin now. I think it is also a way for people to show what they have been through and why they are the way they are without having to say it directly. What are your projects and shootings for the near future? Any magazine shootings in progress?

Katia: I am actually in the middle of a competition here in Australia for Australia and New Zealand’s Miss Inked 2015 so jump on my facebook page and vote! I have a few shoots coming up as well that will blow your mind, so make sure your following! Alright, I’m gonna follow (laughing). Katia, what was your most exotic or inspiring photo shoot you ever did?

Katia: Thanks for following (laughing). Well, I did a shoot on the beach in the Gold Coast, it was an amazing experience and was just pure bliss. What kind of shooting would be a really big challenge for you?

Katia: I love challenges and doing what people don’t expect so bring it on! Besides … what kind of music do you prefer and do you have intentions to act in a music video?

Katia: I’ve done a few music clips for rappers and even Country and Western! I grew up with Rock and Roll but I appreciate music if it’s good! You can hearing me singing along to Fleetwood Mac, then Lamb of God, then rapping to Nicky Minaj! I grew up playing guitar and went to a performing arts school as well as working in a recording studio. So music plays a huge part in my life. Awesome! Finally … Do you have a Top-3-list of NO-GO-tattoos?

Katia: Do what makes you happy but my personal NO GO tattoos are: 1) Tramp stamps: Okay unless your a stripper from the 80’s, it is NOT acceptable (laughing), 2) Some forms of tribal: by some forms I mean unless it is actual tribal that represents where your from your family history etc.,  than leave this art to the experts. 3) Tweety bird tattoos are NEVER acceptable unless it was on a 4 day bender! Katia, thank you very much … and now you keep me up-dated as a new follower ..

Katia: My pleasure, thank you.

Tattooed Katia on