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Seattle is famous for Grunge … Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Mudhoney and Soundgarden … and famous for the woods and rain, rain, rain but nevertheless it’s a place for lovely ladies. We scheduled an interview with model Youngsil Won to talk about Seattle, creepy photographrs, fast cars and Leonardo diCaprio …

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Photos by courtesy of Youngsil Won – (c) by Sean Griffin – Anderson Island Photography (above) and (c) by The Pose Factory – Jim Nicholson Photography (below) Auto-shows, Hot Import Nights and more … What’s the most exciting part of cars … and car-shows … personally?

Youngsil: Frankly, I don’t really have a lot of knowledge on cars (laughing) but it happened to be model for it! But I LOVE the car show scene and people I met in the industry … I remember when I first attended a car show at Hot Import Night, I was totally out of space. (laughing) I felt like a celebrity shortly after though. In a car show, that’s where you gain fans, network with people in the industry and more. At promotional events other than car show I am expected to promote the product not myself or model …. models are side thing that support the main. But on a car show models are one of the main thing that get the attention along with cars. It’s a great opportunity to gain experience and networking for starting models. I think you’re right. Who cares about cars then (laughing)

Youngsil: (laughing) You live in Seattle which used to be the capital of Grunge. What kind of music do you prefer? Also Rock music?

Youngsil: (laughing) I surprised a good amount of people with my taste on music … which is HIPHOP. I love Hip Hop either mainstream or non mainstream, but something you can shake your booty on! Really relieves my stress also! Well, I think Seattle is not the best place for bikini shootings … have you ever thought about moving to Miami or Los Angeles?

Youngsil: Yes. Seattle has limited „good weather seasons“ which is June to maybe early September. And I am sure I will get more opportunities in Miami in Los Angeles for my modeling career but I love Seattle, honestly (laughing). I love beaches and palm trees though! What’s the best thing about Washington State?

Youngsil: Oh so many … Washington State has low crime, great weather, not too cold during the winter, not too hot during the summer, its the closest state among 48 states from South Korea which is my hometown. WA State is very liberal, it accepts the diversity of people, lesbians, immigrants, it also one of 2 states that passed Marijuana law even though I don’t smoke. Alright. Youngsil, what king of shootings you like most?

Youngsil: It depends. I like mostly glamour style, think about Import Tuner Magazine or Glamour but I like to keep it PG rated for most of times. Do you have any bad experiences with unprofessional photographers?

Youngsil: (laughing) Yes … of course … I’ve had a photographer who turned into a stalker when I just started with modeling. No kidding?

Youngsil: No. Back 2008 I believe … he would send me a creepy texts, disturbing images, harrassed me and told me he wanted to shoot me in bikini etc.,  even told me he would buy me whatever I want from „Walmart“ if I would go on a date with him. He even stalked me on myspace, it was myspace back then, he was barely older than me, I was 19 and he was 23 … and I think he was looking for a model girlfriend then anything else . (laughing) Holy crap!

Youngsil: (laughing) What are your plans and projects in the near future?

Youngsil: Good question! Honestly, there isn’t much going on in Washington state on modeling wise … only thing that are going on is promo gigs here and there and one run way show. So, I am thinking of traveling to California to find more gigs. I am not too sure still undecided. Finally a Top-3-question. Do you have a fave Top-3 list of the sexiest men alive?

Youngsil: I am not a big fan of celebrities. I am greedy and I like something I can have (laughing), even when I was a kid in a kindergarten, I would prefer another kid in my class then liking idol singer, pop stars etc. other kids would usually like. But if I have to choose, umm I think Leonardo diCaprio, I fell in one sided love with him when I watched „Titanic“, Justin Timberlake and Orlando Bloom. Thank you very much … apart from number 3 … Orlando Bloom … you really rock, Youngsil! (laughing) Was a pleasure talking to you! And good luck in California …

Youngsil: Thank you …

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