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Always busy and ready … workaholic and entrepreneur Cheryl Martinez has just released her new video „Freaky sound“ ready to rumble the EDM-scene. New York City today, the whole United States tomorrow … the sky is the limit. Allrounder Cheryl combines her talents for music, dancing and her senses for creating fashion and exotic accessories to succeed in the music and entertanment biz. We scheduled a brand new interview with Miss Sex Appeal to talk about her musical carrer and her company

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Pics by courtesy of Cheryl Martinez Hi Cheryl, how are things going in New York?

Cheryl: I’m great, thank you very much. Let’s start with your music, you just released a brand new video to your single „Freaky sound“ which is available soon … great video!

Cheryl: Thank you, Dennis. The new single is dance music, EDM, Dancehall, House. I’m very proud of the video, you can see it on my official website . I changed my style a little bit. Dance music perfectly fits to me … to my personality, my voice and of course I like to dance and spred energy and positive vibes. By the way … do you like Rock music as well?

Cheryl: I’m focussing on EDM for my own musical carrer! But of course there’s some Rock in my family and when we’re together there‘ lots of Rock music but you have to focus on the style that definitely fits to your own personality and style … and for me it’s dance music. I like these energy and the freaky clothes. Do you plan to release your second entire album?

Cheryl: Well, I work with different producers and at this time I’m gonna release singles. On my website you can see my discography and you can download all my music. And each single is available on itunes etc. Digital downloads make more sense because CD sales are going down. Everything is digital, people like videos, streams, downloads and stuff. That’s the way it is. What about your fashion brand GLITTERATI BODY? Do you still have an intention to sell your fashion in real retail stores or do you concentrate upon your online shop?

Cheryl: Business ist great. Well, I was actually approached to some stores in Miami but the thing is that they wanted a deal that doesn’t fit to the concept of Glitterati Body. You know, we do not design and produce fashion for the masses. It’s celebrity styling, we design unique pieces for unique situations like special parties, charity events, video and photo shoots. Our customers are models, dancers, singers and they need exclusive items … just for a unique show, video, photo shoot. Celebrities don’t want to dress a second time the same way … so you can also rent special items. We help entertainers a lot with our services. You can buy and rent our items and fashion and we sell world wide. We have a lot of customers in Miami, there are lots of models! But we ship everywhere … Germany as well (smiling). What’s more important for you, the music or your fashion label?

Cheryl: Both, but I set the focus on my musical career! I started my fashion label cause for my own shows and performances I wanted to wear exclusive things and I couldn’t find them in stores, that’s why I started to design my own items and fashion for my own shows and the Big Apple Dancers. Then I started my company GlitteratiBody and it’s a network. I items I wear in my videos you can buy or rent in my store and this is a great opportunity for the whole entertainment business. Let’s get to your video of „Freaky sound“. What was first … the song or the idea for the video.

Cheryl: First I wrote the song, then we produced it and then I visualized it for the video … the locations, the dresses, the make-up, the items. Everything has to represent the song, the vibes, my cultural experiences. Do you have plans to perform in Germany!

Cheryl: I’d love to! I’ve got a fanbase and I’d really like to come over but unfortunately I haven’t been able to realize this yet. You need the right connections, clubs, bookers, promo … that’s lots of work but honestly … I’ve been dying to come to Germany! You’re a real workaholic with your shows, videos, shoots etc. How many hours you’re able to rest and sleep? Not much I guess …

Cheryl: (Laughing) My freinds and family are pushing me to take care of myself and my health. I try to set my alarm for six hours from the time I go to bed. Sometimes especially it’s very hard cause the entertainment biz is totally different from a normal job. And a healthy diet is very important. I’m a vegetarian for actually 2,5 years and I don’t smoke. And workouts are very important as well. What about alcohol?

Cheryl: I’m human and when I’m out with my girls or have finished a shoot I like to have a few cocktails like Pina Colada and stuff but I don’t like to be drunk, you know (laughing). What’s the next step in your musical career to promote the new single.

Cheryl: We have lots of shows and performances, some with the Big Apple Dancers – -, some shows I perform alone. I perform every Saturday but if you want to find out my upcoming shows just check out my website.  The kind of show and performance depends on the venue, the budget, how big the stage is … and more. Sometimes I perform alon, sometimes I’m supported by my Big Apple Dancers and some shows are exclusice BAD-performances. Chery, thank you very much. Always a pleasure talking to you. Good luck with „Freaky sounds“ …

Cheryl: Thank you, Dennis.

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