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Hardworking Danni Monroe and THE DIRTY YOUTH are ready to succeed and by playing live like hell they promoted their debut album „Red light fix“ right to the limit. Now it’s time for a second strike starting with the new single „Alive“ and elaborated video … and a new hair color of singer Danni. I talked to her about the forthcoming album and the future … and liquor, tour life and stuff like that.

Interview: dennis Rowehl / Pics by courtesy of The Dirty Youth taken from the brand new video „Alive“ 2014 you released the single „Alive“ and a great video as well. So, do you already have a release date for your 2nd album?

Danni: We’re just wrapping up final dates for a U.K headline tour to coincide with the release of the next album so keep all eyes on our FB page for an announcement soon! You played an extended tour with Heaven’s Basement … what’s the best part of touring?

Danni: Seeing new places and meeting new people definitely. It’s amazing being able to support other bands as you can get yourselves heard to a brand new audience and win over new fans. Isn’t it sometimes exhausting being surrounded by male people all the time?

Danni: It can be but were like a little family. Everyone had their strops and we let it go over our heads. It’s hard to live in such a confined space like a van for months on end with 7-8 people so we must be a pretty awesome bunch of people to have not killed each other by now (laughing). What can we expect regarding the new album? Any co-writers? A musical change?

Danni: There’s a definite mature change with ‚Gold Dust‘. We wrote this album for ourselves and didn’t try to be what other people wanted us to be. We did jam some ideas around with Benji from Skindred, he’s a melody hero to me so was really great to get his feedback. I’m really looking forward to getting this show on the road and everyone on the ‚Gold Dust‘ vibe. Are you still looking forward to tour again?

Danni: Oh Hell yes, we’ve only been out for a few months amongst festival appearances and are all itching to get touring again. (laughing) Now something totally different What’s your fave hair color for yourself?

Danni: During ‚Red Light Fix‘ I was always changing between different shades of pink and red so with this album I wanted something dramatically different. Being a natural blondie, Black was the obvious choice. Some bands say that life on tour is unhealthy. What do you eat? Fast Food and Jack Daniels?

Danni: Oh God, I eat so much rubbish on tour. I’m fussy anyway and am not the most experimental person when it comes to trying new things so always ends up binging on McDonald’s on tour. I’m probably the only person I know who actually puts on weight on tour and loses it when I’m home. As for alcohol, I only drink on nights off so usually a HUGE binge is in order for the last night! Danni, thanks  so far … and talk to you again after the 2nd album release.

Danni: Thank you very much, Dennis.

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