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Always a pleasure talking to stunning model Mandy Monroe from Canada. And it’s not just about a gorgeous body to die for, Mandy gets involved in posting clear statements against injustice, cruelty against animals and more. Modeling isn’t just about beautiful smiles, it’s about a beautiful mind and taking up position, so we talked about religion, sociopaths, crime and more.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Photos by courtesy of Mandy Moore, by Mofia Sutherland (above) and Glenn Grainger (bottom) Hi Mandy, your first interview caused a real impact … How are you?

Mandy: I’m great! Thank you for asking, and I am glad we got positive feedback from my first interview with you! Last time we spoke about intentions to act in a cool Rock video. Have you been able to realize this yet?

Mandy: I have not made that connection yet unfortunately! But I can still hope. Why don’t you sing and make your own video? I’d buy it !!!

Mandy: (laughing) I’ve always dreamed about being a singer and having awesome music videos, but I don’t think I can do that now … Lots of models waste their time by posting selfies. But you post lots of relevant and social critical stuff such as cruelty against animals, pedophilia, child abuse … and you also got positive feedback from your fans. How important is it for you personally to make social statements in public?

Mandy: It is really, really important to me to make social statements against the evils in this world. Like you said, most models waste their time posting shit about themselves ONLY. I do too of course, but I don’t restrict my popularity to just being about me all of the time. I love to use my social media to bring awareness to REAL issues, and clearly I am doing it well so I will keep doing it! What do you think is the reason that SO MANY people are not interested in what’s wrong and just concentrate upon posting status symbols and stupid selfies driving in a BMW etc.?

Mandy: Narcissism! And plain low self-esteem. It’s sad, really. I see people especially models posting nonsense all day and just doing anything for attention, not giving a fuck about what’s going on in the world. I truly feel that I am surrounded by a bunch of narcissistic sociopaths that just don’t give a fuck about anyone but themselves, and I hate it. You also posted something about religious fanatics. If I’m right you’re not religious  …. What’s the most dangerous thing about religion?

Mandy: I am definitely not religious and do not support it. The most dangerous thing about religion is the brainwashing and control that it gains over people. It is all made up bullshit to bring on cults and control others, it’s sick and disgusting, I fucken despise it! Then again, people that are dumb enough to allow someone to convince them that they’re their leader and need to obey their rules of life is sickening and pathetic. I totally agree with this! Well, if you were the top of the legislative and you could make 3 laws … what kind of laws this would be?

Mandy: Torture to pedophiles, rapists, murderers, child/animal abusers until death. 2. Cures to cancer and other illnesses cannot be withheld, or the people who withhold it will sit in jail until they give it up. 3. Castration of cheaters in any relationship. Let’s switch to your model career … You’ll be working at the Importfest in Toronto. What’s still fascinating about the combination between hot girls and fast cars?

Mandy: I honestly couldn’t tell you (laughing). I feel that scene is for the young crowd, girls and cars is so overrated and overplayed. I still do it because I enjoy meeting my fans and of course getting paid. What are your projects in the near future. New shootings for magazines and fashion in progress?

Mandy: I’m hoping to get into some more tattoo magazines in the next year! Finally … do you have a Top-3 list of your favorite hot and enchanting dresses?

Mandy: Sure! Anything short, sexy and in the color of blue, black or white is my favourite (laughing) Mandy, thank you very much for your clear statements and this a little different interview. I really appreciate this. All all the best for your future projects.

Mandy: My pleasure … and thank you!

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