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Blonde is beautiful. What else can I add? Breath taking Canadian Femme Fatale Jessy Erinn (aka Jessy Erinn Klett) is an eye-catching model who loves especially bikini shoots and beautiful beaches. We talked to her about her German roots, future plans and beauty advices.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Photos by courtesy of Jessy Erinn, by Pablo B Hi Jessy, you’re from Canada and you’ve got German relatives … do you speak German or do you have a real German habit?

Jessy: (laughing) I know a few important words in German! I cannot wait to go to the home land to visit. EUROPE TRIP !!!! You already did lots of bikini shootings but if I’m right you live in Toronto. Isn’t it too cold there? Haven’t you thought about moving to Miami or Southern California?

Jessy: Yes. It is very cold here and our summer so far has been colder than usual. However I am very very lucky to do a lot of traveling but I’m not sure if I could ever move permanently, I really like the season changes. Miami and Southern California are defiantly on my list to visit next. I’ve never been !! What’s the best part of living and working in Canada?

Jessy: As I’m sure some readers know I just turned 20 a few weeks ago so it’s awesome living in Canada where the drinking age is 19 (laughing), and I do love all the seasons even though winter is freezing so I travel! Working in Canada is awesome because the companies I work for are awesome and really fun. What are your projects in the near future? Any magazine shootings?

Jessy: You will have to follow me and find out (smiling). Lots of up an coming things though! For example I will be at the „Blood and Babes“ expo in Long Island NY, September 12- 14. What kind of shootings do you prefer and what kind of pictures of yourself do you like most?

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Jessy: I really like beach photo shoots because it usually requires me being somewhere hot for them but I’m into all different types, I’m not sure I have a favourite. Do you also have intentions to act in a real movie?

Jessy: Yes! I do have intentions to, when the time is right I plan on getting into some fun shows or movies. I saw some of your „Bad teacher“-pics on your Facebook site. You might have seen the movie with Cameron Diaz. Would you like to be a teacher, especially a „bad“ teacher?

Jessy: (laughing) YES! I love that movie. In fact it’s my dads favourite so I’ve seen it many times. I am not sure if I wanna teaxch though, maybe teach something fun but not sure I could be in a school for the rest of my life. I do like to dress in the “Bad teacher” look though! What kind of shooting would be the ultimate challenge for you … at the moment?

Jessy: I wouldn’t say anything would be a challenge but I think shooting with an animal might be a bit tricky! Do you have Top-3 advices to remain in a perfect shape and to look hot & stunning?

Jessy: Well, a) Get active! b) Pamper yourself, including lots of sleep and c) Eat healthy! That’s it. Jessy, thank you very much … and I follow you, especially regarding „Blood and Babes“ (laughing) …

Jessy: (laughing) You’re welcome!

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