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Julie Skyhigh on entertaim.net

A face like an angel, an enchanting smile, hot legs to kill for and a dirty hobby – Julie Skyhigh, model, shoeholic and pornstar, bares her new plans regarding new fetish shootings in the near future. Besides we talked about the new website, her fascination of being dressed like a hooker, her adventures on the streets, future projects, her intimate secrets, the addiction to High Heels and much more.

Interview: Rowehl / Pics by courtesy of Julie Skyhigh; (c) by Julie Skyhigh

Link to older interview with Julie: https://entertaimnet.wordpress.com/2013/10/18/julie-skyhigh/

entertaim.net: Hi Julie, how are you? The last time we talked your new website was already in progress. When will you be able to launch your site?

Julie: I’m fine, thank you. Well, I think the website can be launched this summer.

entertaim.net: You’re quite busy. What can you tell me about your current and future projects?

Julie: I frequently do my videos but besides there are lots of offers from Budapest and more. There are some requests for classic porn and fetish stuff. One problem with some of those requests is that I have to pay for the trip and the hotel that I really don’t make money out of this. What I get is what I spend on hotel rooms and the trip. And I cannot record for my own website. This doesn’t make sense. Of course you can learn a lot about how other people manage this business, you can learn much about human behaviour and about how they communicate etc. … but you also have to make money with this, too.

entertaim.net: Apart from your own pictures and walks you work for different production companies. Have you ever thought about founding your own production company in order to produce your own movies as an actress, directress in one and as a producer?

Julie: Yes, why not. But I think I’m not good enough yet to handle all the differents professions. Right now we film our videos with only one camera and we’ve got to learn more about directing, cutting but we learn a lot. Another problem at this time is the distribution of DVDs and stuff. It’s more that we can handle right now but we’re learning (laughing).For real good movies we need another camera man, so we need another person to produce something nice and good staff is hard to find. You need someone very professional and reliable, that’s the problem at this time.

Julie Skyhigh on entertaim.net

entertaim.net: What about the USA. There are lots of readers of your first interview coming from the US. So are there any opportunities to shoot there?

Julie: It’s the same problem that you have to pay for the trip and it’s a little more complicating cause of the distance but I’d really like to work in the USA! Even showing up in Las Vegas at fairs and more is very expensive … unfortunately!

entertaim.net: You’re still doing your own videos and obviously you like to walk like a hooker in public streets. Why? What’s so fascinating?

Julie: (laughing) It’s just exciting! It’s exciting to watch the people’s reaction that especially men think that you’re available! Of course real hookers don’t wear Christian Louboutin boots, so it’s more like escort service but escorts don’t work in the streets, that’s the funny thing. In Belgium just the male people react on me walking down the streets, women just pass by … but sometimes they watch but pretend not to watch (laughing).

entertaim.net: Have you ever caused an accident?

Julie: One time. A guy came to me and wanted to talk to me but I didn’t want to talk to that person. Then he asked me why I didn’t want to talk to him and he was so upset that he went back to his car and then he had a car accident … while thinking about why a „hooker“ didn’t want to talk to him …

entertaim.net: Our first interview was since months ago and you told us about your addiction to High Heels and that you’d like to have a huge room just for shoes like Mariah Carey. So, how many new pairs you bought in the meantime?

Julie: I can’t remember (laughing). For each pair I buy I also sell another one because I don’t have enough room. It’s a mess in my wardrobe, in my whole appartment.

entertaim.net: If you were on an uninhabited tropical island for at least one year what would you take with you?

Julie: Honestly, I’d take my high heels with me, even if I cannot wear them because it’s just sand but I really need to have them – you know I don’t smoke or drink … but this is my vice (laughing) …  Then I need music … my computer …

Sexy Julie Skighhigh in boots on entertaim.net

entertaim.net: … you know that it’s implausible that you have electricity on an uninhabited island … ?

Julie: … I know, but maybe with solar energy or something. But I really need my computer! Well, and I need a sex toy …. and batteries (laughing).

entertaim.net: How much time you spend on facebook and on the internet.

Julie: Lots of time … at least 3 hours per day. Not just facebook … 3 hours on the internet, checking emails etc.

entertaim.net: What do you do to remain in a good shape. Do you have a special diet?

Julie: Yes, I really have to take care of my body, so I eat lots of vegetables and fruits and 3 or 4 times I go to the gym for at least one hour … The more you feel that it’s good for your body the more motivated you are to do even more sports.

entertaim.net: Do yu have a request to act in a serious movie yet?

Julie: Not yet (laughing) …

entertaim.net: Besides … what kind of movies you like most?

Julie: I like crime movies from the US with investigations and stuff. And I like French comedies. I’m not like romantic movies that much (laughing). Sometimes I watch Belgium movies …

entertaim.net: I didn’t know that Belgium movies really exist.

Julie: (laughing) Not too much … but some are not that bad.

entertaim.net: Do you like Bollywood movies?

Julie: Oh no, this is really strange stuff. Even when I was in Thailand I saw really strange stuff on TV, even in the magazines there’s a lot of silly and strange stuff such as love stories like Barbie and Ken. I really don’t like love stories (laughing).

entertaim.net: Let’s get back to your future … so you also like to do more fetish and also more artistic shootings?

Julie: Yeah, absolutely … I mean I like what I’m doing right now but it’s also time for something new. I do gang bang movies and it’s not just because of money, I just like to do this but not that often. Maybe once a month. If you do the same thing too often you’ll start to be fed up with this. So it’s time for a change and fetish shootings are definitely a challenge for me.

entertaim.net: Julie, was niche talking to you. Do you have a final statement for today?

Julie: Thank you to all my fans and friends who send me emals, support me and buy my videos that I’ll be able to buy more high heels and boots for further videos and fetish shootings (laughing).

entertaim.net: Thank you very much for the interview.

Julie: Thank you, I really appreciate this.


Sexy Julie Skyhigh on entertaim.net

Julie Skyhigh

Julie Skyhigh presenting a few couples of her boots collection.