Pendejo on

The Netherlands have got a new super blast called PENDEJO what’s definitely not typical Dutch style. Anyway … this band surprises with powerful Rock and Metal with Spanish vocals and exotic elements.

Interview with El Pastuso, by Dennis Rowehl. Pic by courtesy of Underdawg Promotion and Pendejo. Spanish lyrics for Metal or harder Rock music i always interesting but not that many bands chose Spanish … what’s the major reason for choosing Spanish?

El Pastuso: Spanish just works better for me. I believe it is a nicer language than English, too, it sounds more open, more melodic. Have you ever tried to write songs in Dutch?

El Pastuso: Yes, in a previous band I did! Really?

El Pstuso: Yes. Didn’t really work out though. Sure, Dutch could work, I mean, a lot of Dutch bands go for that, but let’s face it, the sound of Dutch isn’t the prettiest sound one can imagine, right? If you want to go for a really aggressive vibe, yeah, Dutch could work excellent. Actually, in Uñero, the third song on Atacames, there are four words in Dutch to underline the anger in the song (laughing). I am not sure if this is the place to quote them, but let’s just say it is not very flattering for the one being spoken to. The current album is absolutely strong! Congratulations! What’s the next step in your career? A video, a club tour, festivals?

El Pastuso: Thanks! Well, we just released the second clip for this album, Amor y Pereza. The cool thing is that Herman Brusselmans, a Belgian writer, is in it too. He is famous here in Holland and Belgium, but I guess he’s not well known in German speaking countries. I don’t think any of his work has been translated in German, which is a pity, but also is understandable. A lot of the power of his writings comes from the particular way he uses Dutch, which is not easy to translate. But I am confident to say that Herman Brusselmans would be a good reason to learn Dutch! Anyway, a third video is being edited as we speak, and after our release show in Eindhoven on May 1rst, we will do two shows with Tank86, one in Luzern on May 9th and one in Schongau on May 10th. And we just heard that we will do the support for the bigger part of the European tour of Brave Black Sea, a rather new band with members of Kyuss, QOTSA and Slow Burn, starting June 21rst in Belgium. Quite some shows in Germany too, and some in Switzerland! Some parts remind me a little bit of a band named PUYA or Sepultura. Do you have plans to tour in South America. I guess this can be a big challenge?

El Pastuso: Yes, we want to tour again in Latin America. This time we really want to include Mexico and Colombia too. But yeah, it can be a bit of a challenge, especially if the organization has to be done by ourselves. A shit load of work, but definitely worth it. It is still unbelievable to us seeing crowds shouting our lyrics word by word, and getting the humor in them. Truly uplifting. Still unclear when it will be, probably by the end of 2014 or in the beginning of 2015. It should definitely be after October 2014, because that’s when it’s nice and warm in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, and so forth! Besides … do you have any expectations regarding album sales or downloads?

El Pastuso: Yeah, we expect to hit the pot of gold with Atacames and get on TV showing our fucking cribs with expensive furniture and hot wheels! But seriously: I don’t know. I heard they just changed the laws for illegal downloads, so that might change things a bit. Whatever. We never expected to sell a lot of albums, at least not through the classic distribution channels. And it is a fact that we got known in Spanish speaking countries because of all the unpaid downloads. So yeah, it is nice if people pay for a download, a CD or an LP, since most of that money is for the band, but the really important thing is that people hear our stuff. If they don’t have the pasta to pay for it, so be it. Do you have a band ritual right before entering the stage?

El Pastuso: Nothing fancy… We try to look each other in the eye before we go on stage, and wish each other a great show, so we don’t forget that we are fucking fortunate to be doing this.
Confirmed shows until July:

1-5 Release show – De Effenaar – Eindhoven; NL – special guest: Borracho (USA)
9-5 – with TANK86 – Bruch Brothers – Luzern; Swi
10-5 – with TANK – G2 – Schongau; D
31-5 – Sniester Festival – Zwarte Ruiter Stage – The Hague; NL
21-6 – Supporting Brave Black Sea – JH Wortel – Wortel; Be
22-6 – Supporting Brave Black Sea – Logo – Hamburg; D
23-6 – Supporting Brave Black Sea – Underground – Cologne; D
24-6 – Supporting Brave Black Sea – Das Bett – Frankfurt a. M.; D
25-6 – Supporting Brave Black Sea – Feierwerk Hansa – Munich; D
26-6 – Supporting Brave Black Sea – Kinski – Zürich; Swi
27-6 – Supporting Brave Black Sea – LoFi Club – Milan; Italy
28-6 – Supporting Brave Black Sea – Reitschule – Bern; Switzerland
30-6 – Supporting Brave Black Sea – Cafe Tico – Erfurt – Germany
1-7 – Supporting Brave Black Sea – Privatclub – Berlin – Germany
2-7 – Supporting Brave Black Sea – Groove Station – Dresden – Germany
5-7 – Conincxpop – Elsloo; NL