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Hotter than the sun … she likes dangerous shootings and the beaches. We had the chance to schedule an interview with stunning model PARADISE RODRIGUEZ from Florida and to talk about hot dresses, shootings, acting, climbing trees with High Heels, Florida and more …

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Photos by courtesy of Paradise Rodriguez, pic above by Twisted Eye Productions, pic below by Flash Forward Photography Hi Paradise. You moved over from Atlanta to Florida … just because of the sunny weather?

Paradise: I moved to from Atlanta to Florida ultimately for the beach (laughing). Apart from GoGo Dancing and modeling you’re also an actress. Do you have some projects or movies in the near future?

Paradise: I am currently learning monologues for a few roles in an upcoming play, unfortunately details are not in stone yet. You’re a very sporty and athletic model and and for great pictures you also climb on trees with High Heels (laughing). Are you not afraid of breaking your bones?

Paradise: No, actually last year I was running through a parking lot and broke my right ankle. I didn’t freak out. I double wrapped it and went back to work. It bothers me from time to time, but I’m a survivor. I’m not gonna let anything stop me from archieving my goals. Do you have a special program for remaining in a perfect shape?

Paradise: To keep in shape I have created my own unique program for those of us who do not have a lot of time to work out and hate diets. What kind of shootings do you like most? Is there some kind of shooting, maybe something dangerous, you’d like to do?

Paradise: I love 1840’s artistic nudes but aside from that anything out-of-the-box. I am trying to convince the Atlanta Zoo to allow me to shoot with their lions and hippos. Really 1840?

Paradise: Yes, 1840 is correct. In the 1900’s, 1940 precisely, nudes had become more risque. On your website there are ask a couple of pictures at a billiard table. Do you like pool?

Paradise: I honestly cannot play pool what-so ever. I am , however, very competitive so when challenged, I tried my best (laughing). Are there some magazine shootings in progress yet?

Paradise: So far I have been published in PULSE magazine and Gaming Today. Who knows what’s next. Whatever it is, I am surely ready! Now you’re located in Panama City. Are there any ambitions to move to Miami?

Paradise: Very much so. I am currently looking into find more work in Miami as well and apartments. Miami has been on my heart since I was 14 years old. Last one … do you have a TOP-3-list of your favorite hottest outfits?

Paradise: (laughing) Sadly I do not. I love all my clothes!! However my top 3 MUST WEARS are My high heels (6″ or higher), my red lip stick or clear lip gloss and my earrings. Thank you so far and good luck with the movie.

Paradise: Thank you, Dennis

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