Heather Lynn on entertaim.net

She’s from South Florida and blessed by sunshine. We talked to model Heather Lynn about Tampa, Miami, the Everglades and Death Metal 🙂

Interview: Dennis Rowehl, Photos by courtesy of Heather Lynn – by Vincent Pierce

entertaim.net: You live in Tampa, Florida where’s definitely 99% perfect weather for swinsuit shootings … a personal question … what’s better? Tampa or Miami?

Heather: Definitely Miami (laughing) !

entertaim.net: What kind of shootings do you like most?

Heather: I love beach shoots in natural lighting. These are my faves!

entertaim.net: Have you ever had a shooting in the Everglades?

Heather: With all those alligators? (laughing)  No,not yet but that’s a cool idea!

entertaim.net: You appeared in many Glam Magazines etc. What are your current projects? Any new shoot for a high quality magazine?

Heather:  I’ll soon be in Mancaves Magazine and Southern Vixens Magazine.

entertaim.net: Tampa is also one of the major cities of Death Metal. Do you listen to Death Metal or what kind of music do you prefer?

Heather: (laughing) I like a little but of everything when it comes to music, but I’m not particularly a big fan of Death Metal

entertaim.net: What kind of sports do you prectice to remain in a perfect shape?

Heather:  I love running and riding my beach cruiser! I also go to the gym and do a combination of cardio and strength training.

entertaim.net: Thank you very much !

Heather Lynn on entertaimnet

Heather: Thank you !