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Coming from the Czech Republic and now living in Austria the stunning and hot blonde model Blanca Brooke is storming the West and even the United States. We’re proud of having been able to schedule an interview and we talked about her plans, career, bad photographers and Donald Sutherland.

Interview by Dennis Rowehl, photos by courtesy of Blanca Brook taken from / Photo Top by Alain Alsoknownas , Photo Middle by Drew Santos , Photo Bottom by Faline Photography Hi Blanca, you’re from Prague but if I’m right you live in Austria right now. How’s your German?

Blanca: Hello Dennis, Im living in Brno right now. I used to live in Wien and it is one of the most beautiful cities. I love the food there, their sense for keeping everything in order. The city is clean and nice. My German is terrific (laughing) … nicht gut! You’re a nude, erotic and also underwear model and you already worked for Penthouse. How busy are you at the moment? Do you have some more huge shootings in progress?

Blanca: I must say I’m nude model, not erotic. At the begging of my career I posed for the American and Australian Penthouse. That was explicit nothing more. I don’t want to have anything common with erotic, that is not art for me anymore. I was posing for one erotic site recently like nude model, is they like some girls that girls can pose nude there as well. And they always put these funny tags – Blanca spreading her legs, Blanca masturbating etc. I understand this business and you can spread your legs with panties on or touching your breast … but this doesn’t mean you’re masturbating but men will be always horny … so a good tactic to attract them (laughing). I’m normally busy but I still have time for everything and I don’t push myself to the limit. You already worked for different magazines oversea. Do you have lots of fans especially in Australia or the USA?

Blanca: I think I have fans in USA more than in Australia. You acted in a couple of movies from the Czech Republic, Germany and also for an international production starring Donald Sutherland. Do you have further ambitions? Maybe there are some offers you can talk about?

Blanca: Yes I did but it really was just a small role for me. I didn’t get any offers so far, so maybe it means I’m not so good (laughing). I don’t know, I haven’t seen this movie yet. Maybe I really shall watch it, then I’m gonna tell you (laughing). Would you like to play in a cool music video? Besides … what kind of music do you like most?

Blanca: Would be nice and I could sing there because I’m the worst singer ever (laughing)! I like that mainstream stuff, I love Reggae music and John Butler! Are there any kind of shootings you don’t like or even hate?

Blanca: I like shooting or photographers who take this work seriously and don’t think I’m a machine for fun. I’m a machine for photography,  that’s for sure! I don’t like having non-commercial shootings, I don’t like shootings with somebody who doesn’t even know my name and is shooting with me just because I shoot nude. Sad but that happens, too.

Blanca Brooke on Have you ever had bad experiences with photographers?

Blanca: (laughing) Do you want me to write book about it? Maybe one day I will … Finally … do you have a Top-3-list of your personal hottest outfits?

Blanca: For you guys would be enough if I have some bra and panties or being naked right? Maybe except being nude …

Blanca: (laughing) I like my yoga pants, my running shoes and my mini iPod for music while Im running. This is time I feel hot (laughing) Depends on the music on the iPod …

Blanca: Right! Blanca, was a pleasure talking to you. Good luck for the future and especially your career as an actress!

Banca: Thank you, Dennis.

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