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Interview with model Sydney Celeste from North Carolina about shootings and her musical plans; by Dennis Rowehl, photo by courtesy of Sydney Celeste, photo by Dragon’s Lair photography Hi Sydney, you’re a model from North Carolina. Are there good advantages or do you plan to move over to LA, NY or Miami?

Sydney: There are some advantages some southern magazines and companies near Florida that I like to work with but obviously there are more opportunities in bigger places. My plan is to be in LA/NY part time and have my base here in North Carolina. You appeared on lots of magazines so far … what are your current shootings?

Sydney: Currently I am shooting for Dream Vixen Magazine which will be out soon. Will you also work on a movie this year?

Sydney: I have applied and will audition for a new TV show „Secrets and Lies“ soon and audition for „Rising Star“ a new singing contest show. I haven’t got a film to work on right now but I am sure I will be auditioning for many and get one if not more of those (laughing). You’re also a musician … can you tell us more about your music? Are there any releases in progress?

Sydney: Music is really my everything. When I started out that was really what drove me. I can’t explain it exactly but I know that I felt something inside me so powerful and it inspired me so much. Even when I was so little I felt it in my being that I would pursue music all the rest of my life. And that’s exactly what I have done. I started singing in church choir when I was 5 and then solo’s by 9 and then festivals local by 11 and then singing in night clubs by 15 and now I am recording my first record and I love this experience. I am writing everything because I really want it to be me a true reflection of me as an artist. I am not into music because I want to be the most successful I really went in this because it’s what is in my soul and I feel like I was given this gift not just for art sake but to inspire others like me. It is quite possibly the most  rewarding part of my life being able to give of my talents to others. It brings me joy. What are your personal Top-5 albums?

Sydney: Oh this is hard one …. Michael Jackson Thriller, Madonna Like a Virgin, Stevie Nicks Crystal Visions – The very Best of Stevie Nicks, Guns N Roses Greatest Hits, Mariah Carey Daydream … What kind of shooting you’d really like to do?

Sydney: I like most to do lingerie and theme shoots … like kitty cat or mermaid etc (laughing) If you had an unlimited budget for your own music video … what kind of video would you do?

Sydney: I really would want my first major video to be very honest and not loud and flashy. The reason I wanted to be a artist is for the art and I want to make sure with everything I do I show that. Sydney, thank you very much …

Sydney: You’re welcome. Plerase also check out my sites:,,