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She’s right between a new fetish and just being absolutely hot and awesome: Idelsy Love from the USA who conquers the hearts of her admirers tells more details about her current projects, her femdom site, the fascination of fetish, High Heels and more – an honor talking to one of the most stunning fetish models.

Interview by Dennis Rowehl, photos by courtesy of Idelsy Love taken from First of all, thank you for realizing this interview. Idelsy, how are you?

Idelsy: Doing great. Thanks, Dennis. Settling into my new place in LA and starting lots of cool projects. Like what? Sounds interesting … so, what are your plans for 2014? Maybe a guest role in a movie or a music video?

Idelsy: I have many plans … I have a fashion line, book and new femdom website all in the works. 2014 will be amazing! I bet! You’re a very professional latex and fetish model. What’s the fascinating aspect about latex?

Idelsy: Everything, the way it feels, the way it looks, even the way it smells.  It hugs my curves so deliciously. What would be the biggest challenge regarding a photo shooting you’d like to do? Possibly something really dangerous?

Idelsy: Maybe holding a pose while wearing ballet boots (laughing) … can be quite hazardous. At what age you found out that you’re kind of addicted to latex fashion?

Idelsy: My late teens, honestly. I went to a fetish store and tried on a latex bikini set and fell in love. So, there are plans to release your own fashion collection?

Idelsy: Yes! Stay tuned!! Hopefully in 2014! Can’t reveal any more details at the moment. That’s okay … but a reason for a continuation …

Idelsy: YES How important are high heels to look attractive?

Idelsy: Well, I think you can look attractive with or without the heels, it’s all a state of mind, but heels definitely help (laughing)! Besides … what kind of music do you like most?

Idelsy: I love all kinds of music, but I especially love music with a darker tone.  I actually love German bands like And One, Rammstein and Eisbrecher. What was your most inspiring experience doing a shooting?

Idelsy: Shooting with my favorite photographer, Haus of Se7en, is very inspiring to me.  We have a great creative flow and I love feeding off his artistic energy. Do you have a last statement for your European fans? Will you come over soon?

Idelsy: Yes, I love my European fans so much.  I have plans to visit Holland in November.  Hopefully Germany is soon. My dream is to shoot for Marquis magazine. Yeah, hope to meet you personally soon right here in Germany. Good luck with your fashion line …

Idelsy: Thank you. And see you in Germany …

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