Blackthorn on entertaimnet

The Russian coven of Extreme Metal Witches – BLACKTHORN! I talked to Aina Blackthorn, lead singer and mysterious and fascinating mistress of Symphonic Metal, about covens, Russian Metal and future and current projects.

Interview with Aina Blackthorn, by Dennis Rowehl / Photos by courtesy of Blackthorn. You’re the vocalist of BLACKTHORN. First of all. What’s that fascinating on Symphonic Extreme Metal?

Aina: To be honest, I’ve never thought about it. We just play what we feel. I guess Symphonic Extreme Metal is the most obvious label for the band, yet genre is not so important to us. First of all, it’s a matter of our inspiration and instincts. You describe your band as a coven. Are you like a coven/family?

Aina: Of course. When we have good days we are like a family… And when we have bad days, we’re a coven. The coven of evil grumpy witches. You’re in studio right now. Do you already have a release date in mind?

Aina: Yep, we are presently working on the new album … As for the release date … the thing about making records is that you always start with a certain plan and then you end up with something different. Whatever comes out, late 2014/early 2015 would be a likely release date. Will you also show up in Germany, possibly for some festivals?

Aina: Unfortunately, no shows booked at the moment. Russia seems to have a huge market for Gothic and Extreme Metal. Any idea why?

Aina: Our country has a big market for all the metal genres, trust me! Metal is a pretty popular genre in Russia. It’s like a defensive reaction to the awful reality. How hard is it to spread your music in Russia and Europe?

Aina: It’s not so hard to do it in Russia since we live there and our label is located there and it helps us a lot. It’s harder when it comes to Europe. We’re strangers from far away, we don’t have a possibility to play there every month or even every year. That’s why we have to use alternative ways to spread the music. Sometimes it’s so fucking boring to dig your head into stuff you’re not so excited about instead of just playing gigs. Sometimes it feels like we try to break the stone wall with our bared hands. But I’m happy such ways exist and I’ll never give up. I’m really happy everytime someone discovers our band. Thank you so far … maybe you’re able to realize coming over to Germany …

Aina: I really hope so! Dennis, thank you for showing interest in BLACKTHORN. Keep it Metal!

Aina Blackthorn on entertaimnet