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Jessica Brown aka Jess Brown from South Wales likes exoting shooting. We had the chance to schedule a small talk to get some more info about the stunning model.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Pics by courtesy of Jess Brown, by Kimberly Collins, taken from Hi Jess, what kind of shootings do you like most?

Jess: Hello Dennis, honestly I prefer outdoor shootings, especially in summer. You’ve got some photos with artificial blood. What’s the fascinating aspect of these blood shootings?

Jess: (laughing) It was a Helloween theme, that’s the whole story … 3. Besides … would you like to act in a horror movie?

Jess: Definitely NO ! Do you have some new shootings or projects in progress for 2014?

Jess: Yeah sure. I’ll do shootings for the spring/summer collection for Surfdome, Roxy Girls. What’s your personal source of inspirations of shootings you’d really like to do?

Jess: Tumblr is good for ideas, pintrest, the client, or photographers requests. Do you have an idol … maybe a model?

Jess: Not really no, that would be boring trying to be like someone else. I like to be myself (laughing). Thank you very much

 Jess: Dennis, you’re welcome

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