Florian Hofer on entertaim.net

A brillant guitarist and a great new album … Florian Hofer in the footsteps of Richie Kotzen. We talked to Florian about the album REACHING and future plans:

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Photo by courtesy of Underdawg, by David Lemanski

entertaim.net: Hi Florian, I just listened to „Reaching“ … great album! Really! In how far have you been influenced by Richie Kotzen?

Florian: Hi Dennis, thank you so much for compliment, I’m glad you like my record. It’s interesting that you ask me about Richie Kotzen but it doesn’t suprise me.
Let me answer this question very quick. „Reaching“ is made of two different parts. ‚East Coast Tales‘ and ‚West Coast Tales‘. I don’t hear any Richie Kotzen in my new songs. However, when I recorded the ‚West Coast Tales‘ in 2010, I was a big Richie Kotzen fan. I just started singing so in the first couple of month I simply tried to copy his voice. When I  began working with Atma Anur in 2011 he convinced me that my voice has it’s own sound and I let go all the pressure and fear to find it. I don’t have a problem to be compared to Richie because I think he is a great singer and guitarist. Listening to my song ‚Why‘ for example reveals a whole different world that has nothing to do with the genre Richie Kotzen is in.

entertaim.net: Why did you record the album in New York City. Was this important to feel the right vibes to do this album?

Florian: Let me get this right, so there are no missunderstandings. Most of ‚Reaching‘ was recorded in my livingroom or basement in Germany. Only the bass Henry Hirsch played on my songs ‚Why‘ and ‚Reaching‘ was recorded in his studio in New York. I was in NY, and we recorded a couple of songs in 2013 but those are not on this record.

entertaim.net: (laughing) Okay … Do you have some plans for a club tour in Germany and also Northern America?

Florian: At the moment we’re looking for some tours of other bands which we would attend as a supporting act. I hope we’ll find the right one soon!

entertaim.net: Do you have any expectations regarding album sales and downloads?

Florian: I don’t have any specific expectations for sales. I hope that my music will find its way to many people who can appreciate it.

entertaim.net: How hard is it for a solo artist (guitar and vocals) to build up a fanbase? What will you do this year?

Florian: It’s not harder for me as for any other band/act. I’m hoping to have a long tour soon so I can reach out to as many people as possible. I will continue working on music and focus on my goal as a person and artist. Always remembering myself to be grateful and focused. Only love will guide us through the rain.

entertaim.net: Florian, thank you so far and good luck!

Florian: Thank you and see you soon.