Lexi Nacci on entertaim.net

West Coast / California … high life, entertainment and the perfect locations for models. We talked to West Coast model Lexi Nacci about shootings, fashion and beauty advices BUT also about serious issues such as her struggle against crualty against animals.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Photo by courtesy of Lexi Nacci, by Michael Monroe.

entertaim.net: Hi Lexi. You’re from the West Coast … what are the best opportunities living in Los Angeles?

Lexi: Being from the west coast is just the greatest to me. Although I haven’t lived there my entire life I have lived on the east coast for most of my short life. I feel it’s a door opener. I feel free to travel and adventure from place to place which is probably why I love my traveling gigs. I am always going somewhere. I feel like the on west coast you meet so many interesting people and there is a lot of peace and love there. The LA/ West Coast area to me is a be yourself land of opportunity!

entertaim.net: What kind of shooting do you like most? Bikini shootings cause of the great beaches?

Lexi: I love fashion shoots and anything that has an alternative different vibe to it. Bikini shoots are great for the summertime and beaches but I personally prefer fashion and off the wall type of things. I am a very creative and artistic soul so for me it’s a lot more than just trying to look the best, I want to show my artistic mind and how I see things.

entertaim.net: You’re also interested in music. Do you play an instrument … possibly in a band? What kind of music do you prefer?

Lexi: I would love to start a band! Right now I am going to be working with other recording artists and continue to work on a mixtape. I love all types of music from Punk Rock to Hip Hop to EDM. If I can do a mix of all three I think I could die happily.

entertaim.net: What are your projects this year? Maybe a music video, too?

Lexi: I’ve been in a few music videos but I would love to make my own. That is definitely a project for me this year besides a mixtape. Making a mixtape this year is my number one project. I am currently traveling and doing shoots and have various appearances and radio interviews coming up as well!

entertaim.net: Are there any plans co-acting in a movie?

Lexi: If the right work falls into place it is something I would definitely do. I come from a background of theater and initially started my career acting and performing in plays.

entertaim.net: Do you have 3 beauty advices to remain in a perfect shape?

Lexi:  3 Tips I can give:
First I have to say this biggest pet peeve for me! This goes for both girls and guys, if you become happy or settled in a relationship or get married NEVER let yourself go! Don’t stop going to the gym or putting your makeup on just because you are comfortable with someone! Take care of yourself no matter what!
1. I personally believe no matter your metabolism you should cut out the pop!  Humans are made out of about 75% of water so why would you not drink water!? Sometimes I put a few tea spoons of apple cider vinegar into my water it is a great health tonic for stomach, sinus, fatigue, aches, and best of all teeth whitening!
2. Extra virgin olive oil is my go to! It balances the ph of your skin and makes your skin soft and feel amazing! You can use it in your hair, on your nails, and to clear up dry skin or blemishes!
3. The best beauty/health tip I can give anyone is surround yourself with positive people. Ones who make you smile and laugh everyday no matter what. Ones who are there for you when you need it most. It is the healthiest thing you can do for yourself is keep out the bad and bring in the good. You feel so much better and you look so much better when you’re happy on the inside!

entertaim.net: Lexi, finally … something really serious … You’re a vegetarian and interested in animal rights. Especially in the USA the industrial livestock farming is very bad and notorious for cruelty. How hard is it to sensitize people for this situation and is it possible to fight against this lobbyism?

Lexi: It is a struggle. It literally breaks my heart. I have a huge passion for animals and animal rights. The way the US handles the livestock industry is a highly neglected issue. People either just know of a possible problem or are completely clueless. A lot of people will joke about the matter when actually it’s not only the issue about the way the poor animals are handled it is also a major health concern to human beings. Even people who are dead set on never giving up meat should at least look at cruelty free products (make-up, clothes, household products, etc.) Or pick one day out of the week to give up eating meat. So many animals can be saved by just one person giving up one day of meat. I’ve been a vegan since 2003. It’s something that was never difficult for me because it’s something I am super passionate about.

entertaim.net: Lexi, thank you very much and good luck!

Lexi: Thank you!