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Tattooed model Lace LeBlanc aka Lacy LeBlanc from Toronto likes the alternative and exotic style. I talked to her about shootings, jobs, music and more ….

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Photos by courtesy of Lace LeBlanc / 1st pic by ImagesinG, pic below by Kris Josef First of all, thank you for realizing this interview. Lacy, how are you?

Lacy: I am good, been busy with more than work lately as I am taking a few courses to advance personal skills. How big are the opportunities of being a model in Canada?

Lacy: The opportunities are as big as you make them and will take you where you want to go. I learnt early that modeling is like any other profession, hard work and dedication breed results. What would be the biggest challenge regarding a photo shooting you’d like to do? Possibly something really dangerous?

Lacy: My favourite type of photoshoots are always in abandonned and broken down buildings. Completely virgin locations can be rough, you want to know about the stability of the building / floors, so you don’t break through anything unwillingly. It’s also a good idea to know what surrounds the area so you know what type of spectators if any will swing through. What kind of shooting do you like most? Fashion?

Lacy: I like an alternative style to what is typically considered mainstream modeling. While I do dabble in all realms of the industry, my favourite shoots are erotic style. It’s always fun playing the temptress, and the art of seduction itself has always been a vivid fascination of mine. Do you have a personal Top-5 list to look and remain attractive?

Lacy: No I personally don’t have a list that keeps up with physical attributes. I do however have steps I follow continuously to keep my health and happiness in check. Those I feel are more constructive than physical appearance. What’s your personal favourite dress if you go out dancing and partying?

Lacy: I always prefer no clothes, so I’m not really sure. Something short and light so it can move ! What are your plans for 2014? Maybe a guest role in a movie or a music video?

Lacy: Get my website up and running, possibly looking into enrolling in some more courses. Not 100% sure yet. Modeling is always in the works (laughing). Besides … what kind of music do you like most?

Lacy: All kinds of music! Music always helps me grasp onto reality. What was your most inspiring experience doing a shooting?

Lacy: Every photographer I work with has something unique to offer, and I have met numerous who have shown me inspiration. I think seeing someone well developed in the industry and still eager to learn shows me the most inspiration. Thank you very much …

Lacy: My pleasure!

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