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Cologne/New Jersey. Soon Monster Magnet are back in Europe to bring Psychedelic Space Rock to the true fans. Right before the tour I called Dave Wyndorf to talk about music, chicks in Rock’n’Roll and the meaning of Germany for the Spacelords …

Photo by courtesy of fkpscorpio / Interview by Dennis Rowehl Hi Dave, soon you’ll show up in Germany and Europe and February the 18th you’ll play in Cologne. Are you looking forward?

Dave: Absolutely. We’re from New Jersey but we’ve got lots of fans in Europe, especially Germany is a great place for us that we show up almost every year. I love it! There must be something in the water I cannot describe. It’s so psychedelic (laughing) … really … Europe is awesome! How does it feel still to play bigger venues?

Dave: It’s awesome, of course we would play for a handful of fans but bigger venues are great, so we really feel blessed. What can we expect on this tour? Will you have sexy background dancers?

Dave: We haven’t planned anything yet but who knows? If there are some sexy burlesque dancers who want to join us on stage we’ll be open-minded. I stell remember the video of „Space Lord“ and the cover booklet of „Powertrip“. Is there a new video like this – with lots of beautiful chicks – in progress?

Dave: (laughing). Sure! We’ll do a video for the song „Duke of Supernature“ taken from „Last Patrol“ that will be animated and a good looking girl will be the protagonist! Once upon a time all the beautiful girls have been in Rock videos and then Hip Hop was taking over. Is it time to bring them back to Rock music?

Dave: Of course. Well, it’s obvious that beautiful and sexy girls belong to Rock. Maybe some bands felt ashamed cause of whatever … I don’t know why. Rock music and hot girls belong together. You’re signed by the Austrian label Napalm Records? Are you pleased by the Napalm team?

Dave: Yeah, I really think they do a good job. The music market is hard and cds are dying but people still remember us and come to our shows … You’ve been so many times in Germany, how do you spend your time while touring?

Dave: It’s „Hit and Run“! Playing and traveling and we try to party and enjoy every minute of it. When we have a day off I like to walk around! Dave, thank you so far and see you next month!

Dave: Yeah, I guess you’ll like the show! See you!

27.01.2014          Berlin                    Huxleys
28.01.2014          Leipzig                  Werk 2
01.02.2014          Lindau                  Club Vaudeville
02.02.2014          Nürnberg            Hirsch
09.02.2014          Karlsruhe            Substage
10.02.2014          Wiesbaden          Schlachthof
16.02.2014          Dortmund           FZW
18.02.2014          Köln                      Live Music Hall
19.02.2014          Hamburg             Markthalle