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New album, new year, new tour … Interview with Margot MacDonald.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Photo by Francesco Sapienza You recorded your 4th album called „Canvas“. How are you going to promote the album. Will you play a tour?

Margot: Yes! I’m looking to go on a regional adventure, down to SXSW in Austin, and across the pond for a bit. Much music making to come. Any chance to play in Europe, too?

Margot: Indeed – I’ll finally be heading over to the motherland. For now, I’ve plans to visit Scotland, England and France. We’ll see where else the winds take me! Honestly … some parts remind me of Tori Amos which is definitely awesome. How long did the process of songwriting take for the new album?

Margot: I wrote this record over a couple years, and my style went through a bit of an overhaul in the process. Some self discovery along the way lead to touches of a cappella, pop, indie, rock, world, electronic – that may be where the Tori Amos influence comes in! The work I do with vocal layering on my loop pedal added an extra element to the writing process, too. There’s a lot of trial and error, to see what fits together and creates a compelling arrangement. Do you plan a new video?

Margot: A couple videos are in the works right now! Stay tuned Do you have any expectations regarding the success of your new album?

Margot: Less expectations, and more hopes for bigger and better things. What are your musical career plans for 2014?

Margot: (laughing) Infiltrating minds, one melody at a time. Thank you very much …

Margot: You’re welcome …