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Right before Christmas it was fun talking to stunning model Malaya Doucet from Louisiana again and she provided insight into her plans for the next year, the meaning of X-Mas and shootings with alligators …

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Photos by courtesy of Malaya Doucet; Photo above: Aaron Woodall / Photo below: SHUTTERSHOCK Hello Malaya … how are things in Youngsville going?

Malaya: Hello, first I would like to say „thank you“ for having me again with Back to your question, I actually move from Youngsville to Lafayette for college. Not to far from home though, just like a 30 min drive. But I still try to make time to go and visit family at home. Do you belong to the people who really love X-Mas?

Malaya: Yes, I do!!!! I LOVE X-mas. Not because of the presents or all that stuff. It’s more about giving, family and celebrating the birth of baby Jesus (laughing). Besides … what will you do on New Year’s Eve?

Malaya: Hmmmm New Year’s Eve, I will probably spend it at Prime a club I bartend at downtown Lafayette. We are planning something huge for New Year’s Eve. So I will be spending my New Year’s Eve with great co-workers and amazing friends! You released an amazing calendar and seem to be busy all the time. What are your model plans for 2014. Any interesting shootings in the near future? Any new projects with Juicy?

Malaya: Yes, my M.A.D. Ent Import 2014 calendar finally was released in late October. I’m very proud of it. I couldn’t have done it without everyone who was involved in it, from the car owners and Edward Leger photographer for the whole calendar. Well, plans for 2014, get more involved with my new team Tunzent. Do more Import appearence and shows. I would love to gogo at a major music event, too. There won’t be any new projects with Juicy, I have resigned from Juicy as of this month. The last time we talked about shootings with alligators … Have you changed your mind yet?

Malaya: Mind is still set on NEVER having a shoot with alligators (laughing). You know lots of DJs etc. Have you ever thought about DJing or playing in a band? Do you play an instrument?

Malaya: I know alot of very talented DJs from all over. Being in this type of industry dealing with music you get to meet so many talented people. But Louisiana DJs are the BEST!!! (laughing) I always wanted to learn how to DJ, you would think with all my DJ friends someone would hasd taught me by now right …. Now something different: If you were the 1st female President of the United States … are there at least 3 things you’d change?

Malaya: Wow, 1st Female President … mmhh … 1st: Better jobs with better pay for women, 2nd: Drug tests for every goverment assistant, 3rd Better foreign relations and policy Finally … do you have a New Year’s intention … a habit you want to get rid of or something?

Malaya: Honestly 2013 has been really good to me. I have travel to so many places and accomplished so much in one year. So I hope to continue to have the same if not more blessings in the new year. Bad habit would have to be procrastinating and speding to much money. I also want to live a more healthy lifestyle. Malaya, thank you very much and merry X-Mas …

Malaya: Thank you once again, it’s always a pleasure. I hope to see you come visit soon so I can show you our southern hospitlality 🙂

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