Top 11 Heavy Metal albums on entertaimnet

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Heavy Metal Meilensteine / Best and most inspiring and influencing Classic Metal albums !!

Metal Church – „Metal Church“

„No fillers, just killers! Amazing debut of Metal Church and definitely the strongest album ever!“

Accept – „Restless and wild“

„The best Metal album made in Germany with one of the first Speed Metal tracks „Fast as a Shark“, this album influenced the whole Metal market!“

Def Leppard – „Pyromania“

„The young spirit of New Wave of British Heavy Metal!“

DIO – „Holy Diver“

„Ronnie James Dio’s solo debut feat. brillant guitarist Vivian Campbell.“

Iron Maiden – „The number of the Beast“

„What else do I have to say?! (…) Powerful drums by Clive Burr!“

Loundness – „Disillusion“

„The best album from Japan! Great band and influencal album feat. guitarist Akira Takasaki.“

Top 11 Best Heavy Metal albums on

Megadeth – „So far, so good … so what“

„Fast & Furious!“

Metallica – „Ride the lightning“

„Wow, when I heard „Fight fire with fire“ and „Ride the lightning“ for the first time (…) this album gave me the creeps … best Metallica album ever!“

Ozzy Osbourne – „Bark at the moon“

„Ozzy feat. my favourite guitarist Jake E. Lee …“

Queensryche – „Operation Mindcrime“

„Totally different and brillant!“

Raven – „All for one“

„Not that famous but pure energy and a furious sound!“