Airbourne on

Airbourne over Europe! The rockers from Down Under love touring the big European cities. I met David Roads and we talked about black dogs barking and Christmas in Australia …

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Pic by courtesy of WARNER,  by Martin Philbey The charts positions are also very positive. How does this feel?

David Roads: Absolutely … we’re number 1 in Canada, that’s awesome!We’re nominated for an Australie award … How big are you in the States?

David Roads: Well, not as big as right here. We’ve got lots of fans in the USA but it’s a massive country … some fans are here, some there … (laughing). We haven’t toured there enough but there are good reasons to get back to North America … especially Canada (laughing). But America is a differnt market but you have to tour there frequently. Right now Europe, The UK, Australia is very huge. Maybe next year we will go to Canada? Black Dog Barking! What was the inspiration for that album title?

David Roads: The meaning behind this is … we’re a Rock band and sometimes we like to exceed db limits. Sometimes people tell us to turn down and we say: Hey, we’re a Rock band. Fuck you! Sometimes we have to break rules and the black dog is a metaphor … the black dog is coming to get you! You’ve got a dog?

David Roads:My parents do on the farm! I like dogs! You had a good time on tour yet?

David Roads: Oh yeah … many weird stories happened and it’s fun hanging out with the other bands. Having drinks and stuff! Outside the venue we’ve got terrible weather … so do you spend much time on sight-seeing?

David Roads: Oh no … not much! I love sunlight but right now in Northern Europe I cannot find the sun (laughing), so I spend most of the time inside the venues! But touring is awesome, meeting lots of people, different cultures! That’s the way we wanted to spend our lives! Is there any any questions you’ve never been asked before or a topic you want to talk about so bad?

David Roads: (laughing) No, not really! Okay … nice talking to your. Enjoy the rest of the tour and enjoy Christmas back in Australia!

David Roads: Yeah, thank you very much!