Corroded on

Corroded from Sweden released a great album and got the opportunity to support Airbourne. So I met Jens Westin right before the show in Cologne and we talked about plans, the current tour and also private stuff.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Pic by courtesy of Bukee PR, by Kristofer Lönnå Produktion You sound like Sully (Godsmack) ..

Jens: Yeah, I heard this before (laughing). You’re a biker?

Jens: Yes! But I’m the only one. We’ve got the vests but I’m the only one who’s cycling. But we like the biker style, it’s kind of a uniform. Corroded is rather a newcomer band and on my research I coudn’t find any gossip? Why?

Jens: (laughing) Well, we’re smart guys, we’re nice ,,, so we concentrated upon great music! You’re working on gossip?

Jens: In these times the the Hard Rock myth is a myth! Especially the singer has to take care of the voice. People pay to see us, people deserve a great show. You’re pretty new. The market is full of even great band. So … with your debut album … are there any expectations that you can live by making music? Do you have regular jobs at the time?

Jens: We do have real jobs but we try to make music as a profession. It’s a big opportunity touring with Airbourne, the feedback is amazing! Lots of the bands have kids, we’re already a little older and are responsible for families … but sure … it would be great just to play music and to be able to pay bills and stuff. I play in bands since 84 in different bands and this is what I always wanted to do. I’m 41 right now and a teacher for music. Music is my life! But right now I think that age doesn’t matter …

Jens: Right! You’re more experienced and you’re able to write songs you couldn’t have written 20 years ago. You grow from your own experiences. There are great young bands, technically … but … you know … life tells stories! We like the 70s-stuff like Black Sabbath but we’re harder than the new bands which celebrate the 70s. Our stuff is more Metal combined with the roots. I love Machine Head … so in our music you can listen to real hard riffs! We like this kind of music. Is it a problem to combine your life on tour with the „real“ life.

Jens: Well, sometimes it’s strange. On tour you hang around with the boys for a booze and stuff, … , and back home: Good morning, Mister XXXXXXXX … that’s funny somehow! But this gives balance to your life. Jens, thank you very much … and good luck for the future and enjoy the tour.

Jens: Thank you! It was a pleasure!