Dennis Rowehl & Lindi Ortega

„Tin Star“’s the title of Country Noir-Star Lindi Ortega, still inside the footsteps of legendary Johnny Cash. Before coming back to Germany I had a small talk with the cute Country singer about current plans.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl, promo pic by courtesy of Bukee PR. Hi Lindi, how are you? The last time we met at your show in Cologne. Meanwhile you released your third album „Tin star“ … Doesn’t this overburden your listeners … three albums in a rather short time?

Lindi: Burden? I wasn’t aware releasing music for people was viewed as a burden. If someone feels burdened by my music they can choose to wait two years to buy the record. Then that might be less of a burden for them.  I’d feel awful if someone we’re to overdose on my music (laughing). You still wear your red cowboy boots … so, is this your only pair of shoes? If you go to the gym, do you also wear your red boots?

Lindi: (laughing) Yes. All I wear is red boots … to the gym, to the supermarket … I don’t even wear slippers. I wear red boots. Do you have any intentions to come over to Europe again? Maybe this time with an entire band?

Lindi: Yes … and yes. You’re getting more and more successful especially in Northern America. How busy are you touring the States?

Lindi: Honestly very busy. Been touring the states a lot. The last time we talked you mentioned plans to perform in Mexico. Any news regarding these intentions?

Lindi: It’s still something I’d like to do, but haven’t been able to yet … unfortunately. Do you have special surprises for your fans regarding the promotion of your new album?

Lindi: Sure. But I can’t tell you what they are because they are surprises (laughing). Well, thank you … see you in Germany soon …

Lindi: You’re welcome ….