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Big in the 80’s, actress in Miami Vice … and a comeback with „Unbroken“ two years ago. I talked to Fiona Flanagan about a 2nd strike … the past, favourite albums and hidden tracks.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / pic top: Cover „Heart like a gun“ / Pic below by Jennifer Bartram-Schmitt You used to release your last album „UNBROKEN“ 2 years ago and even played in Germany. Are you hungry for more?

Fiona: Yeah! I just sat in with Prophet two nights ago here in the USA. I’m also hungry to travel. I am taking the husband and kids to Berlin for a holiday next year. By the way … I found some of your tracks in the net I’ve never heard before such as „Calling on you“. Are they available on any album yet? What’s the story?

Fiona: „Calling On You“ was the B side of a single, I have it in the closet somewhere but it would take a long time to find it and things would fall on my head. It didn’t make it to the album. I remember writing it and singing it. When you’re the next time in Germany, will you use the time maybe for some further performances?

Fiona: I think I’ll be at the Pergamon Museum. My brother used to live in East Berlin and he took me on a tour that blew my mind but it was way too fast. My dad was there, too, and I had to beg them both to feed me. They are nutters! Wanted to see everything in 24 hours. I’m really glad we did it but I was hungry. Yes, I’d love to make some live music happen but I doubt it will be before the tourism. After your last album release … have there been some requests for 80s-bands-festivals?

Fiona: Firefest! That was fun. Really fun. Thinking about it makes me happy. I met so many people I’ve been writing to on Facebook. It was wild. What do you personally think about the new age of Glam-Metal bands like STEEL PANTHER? Have you ever seen them live?

Fiona: I don’t know anything about STEEL PANTHER. Ouch! Sorry. You must be kiddin‘. Okay … now you’ve got something to do!

Fiona: (laughing) Do you have a personal current Top-5-album-charts?

Fiona: Current? Wow. A great song is I LOVE IT. Oh, and I adore HER NAME IS BANKS. She is amazing. Anything she does. Waiting Game is amazing. Also–Robin Beck’s new album, Underneath. Duh. She covers one of my old songs. Hmm, what male music–I really love Seal’s voice. I guess I listen to old stuff that makes me think of what I was doing at the time. It’s usually a great memory! Lots of kissing to Crosby, Stills and Nash and even better with Pearl Jam. Black. That has to be one of the best songs ever. It makes me crazy. So did Jimmy DeGrasso. Look, you’ve got me daydreaming. Music is the best. It’s such a great timeline. It gets into your bones and stays there. Thank you very much! See you in Germany.

Fiona: My pleasure!

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