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Getting back to the roots Monster Truck from Canada convinced with 70s Rock surrounded by the veils of a fresh sound. I talked to guitarist Jeremy Widerman about Germany, a hospital in Berlin and Canadian beer … right before the show in Cologne at the Live Music Hall.

Interview and pics: Dennis Rowehl So, you guys are from Canada. Have you been inspired by the Canadian legend RUSH?

J.W.: No, I didn’t listen to them neither we are inspired by them. Of course I respect them and they are great musicians, but I don’t like the music at all. We’re more inspired by Bachman Turner Overdrive and of course the classic stuff like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Grand Funk Railroad. So just one Canadian band. It’s the first time in Germany?

J.W.: Yes, and honestly everything about Germany has been great for us so far. We’ve been toured with friends of Billy Talent and they told us to go to Germany cause people will pay attention to our music and well, they seem to be right so far. We’re gonna be on a headliner tour next year … in March. What was your best experience in Germany yet … any weird stuff?

J.W.: Well, not really. We spent so much time driving and we’ve been working too hard .. lots of work. my boys had a really good time in Berlin, but I was sick for a couple of days and then I had to go to the hospital. Really? So you saw what real life in Germany is about. Your boys watched the sights and you saw the dark side of Germany …why have you been in hospital?

J.W.: (laughing) Unfortunately! I saw the hospital and my hotel room for 48 hours. I had a bad throat infection and had to wait about six hours in the emergency waiting room of the hospital. I had a problem and it got worse and worse and in Berlin I really had to go there. This was like a nightmare. A different kind of adventure (laughing). Now I see you drinking water … no beer?

J.W.: I’m gonna have some Beck’s. Well, the Canadians are proud of two things: The first one is hockey and the second one is beer which is rediculous cause the beer is not very good, it’s definitely better than in the US … so our beer is not that good as we think it is. (laughing). It’s not good but better than in the USA which meens that it’s the second worst. More Canadians need to come over to Germany to check out German beer. We like Astra in Hamburg. When I was in Canada I liked Tim Horton’s restaurants in the morning. I don’t know if they are still good but they used to …

J.W.: No, we don’t stop there. It used to be good but now it’s the worst. Please write this, maybe the management of Tim Horton’s read it and try to get better! It’s the biggest company in the country but we never go there … I hope they’ll change it. I’ll do! Besides … What kind of music do you listen to at this time …

J.W.: Still the classic stuff! More old music …. Thank you … let’s meet again when you’re back again.

J.W.: Absolutely!

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