Heaven's Basement interview on entertaim.net

It’s impressing how the guys of Heaven’s Basement are kicking butt on stage. The impulsive and furious live shows which are mentioned in press info are definitely no exaggeration. These guys really rock and hard work seems to be the key to musical success.

I talked to Aaron Buchanan right before the show in Cologne; Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Pic by courtesy of Oktober Promotion.

entertaim.net: You guys seem to be very patient making your own soundcheck instead of letting this done by roadies?

Aaron: (laughing) Well, Heaven’s Basement is absolutely a live band and we want to make sure that the sound is perfect. We don’t want to let this in anyone’s hand. This is very important for us!

entertaim.net: You already played with huge bands such as Papa Roach …

Aaron: Oh, we play live since last August … with The Darkness, Ugly Kid Joe, Festivals, The Pretty Reckless … with Black Veil Brides … this is the first show! We’re a real life band, so we like it!

entertaim.net:You’re signed by Red Bull Records, are you also endorsed by Red Bull Energy Drink?

Aaron: (laughing) No, no!

entertaim.net: Regarding your last name … is there any connection to Mitch Buchannon (Baywatch) ?

Aaron: (laughing) I wish there was … so much! God, that would be amazing!

entertaim.net: How many times you heard this question yet?

Aaron: Not that often, I think the 2nd or 3rd time.

entertaim.net: Have you ever met David Hasselhoff?

Aaron: Not yet but I’d like to play in a remake of Baywatch (laughing). Then I’ve got to build up muscles and stuff (laughing).

entertaim.net: You’re from the UK and I think there are not that many new huge bands from the UK … it’s more about historical bands like Maiden and Motörhead, so are you the new hope of the UK?

Aaron: Well, we’ve got fantastic bands like Biffy Clyro and Muse and so many not that famous Rock bands which are doing a great job …

entertaim.net: … but it’s hard for them to get the attention … ? There are plenty of bands out there …

Aaron: Yeah, but if there are that many bands it will push you to work harder to be the best. You have to be good to get attention. So we like all these support tours cause I’m sure that if someone sees us on stage she or he will come back to see us again. Heaven’s Basement is a fulltime job and we really work hard and we believe in ourselves! Maybe Heaven’s Basement is the most hard-working band in the UK.

entertaim.net: You just have one fulltime album out, is there something new in progress?

Aaron: We will be on tour until next summer, then we can concentrate upon doing a new album for 2015.

entertaim.net: This is interesting that you guys take your time. Some bands release a new album every year with a lenght of 60 minutes, so of course at least 60% are fillers …

Aaron: That’s true. I remember that I listened to the the debut album of many bands but the next album was full of bullocks. Huge bands might think: No matter if we release shit, people will buy it! But this is not good! We believe in quality, not quantity! We played more than 50 shows since August. If we come to a point that we need a break, we’ll take a couple of weeks of to get back the energy we need to play a great show! Music, albums and shows need quality! Fans who show up at live shows deserve the best.

entertaim.net: Is there a headliner tour in progress?

Aaron: Yes, I think we’ll do this (laughing).

entertaim.net: Aaron, thank you very much and we’ll meet again at your headliner tour …

Aaron: Of course! Thank you and enjoy the show …